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Love By the Light of the Moon

Moon cycles

Moon cycles – story of lovers

The Moon and the Moon cycles have been a focus of love for millennia. The story of lovers separated by miles, maybe even continents, both looking at the moon and thinking of the other is a common scene in many romances. The Moon’s feminine energy is receptive/feminine and encourages connection with the natural cycles of which you are a part.

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and its influence on energy cannot be overstated.  Watching the Moon and understanding how your love energy is affected by the different phases can improve your chances to finding the love you are looking for.

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It is said that timing is everything, and with finding the right love, the same holds true.  Here are some hints on how to use the cycles of the Moon in your search for love. The Moon is easy to consult, even if clouds are in the way just watching your local weather or consulting your favorite weather website.

Starting at the beginning of the cycle, the dark of the Moon lends an energy that is introspective and quiet. The energy encourages deep thinking and getting to know the inner self. This happens on a variety of levels, making it a great time to think about what is important to you in a relationship.  If you have just left a relationship, use this time to forgive yourself and begin healing.

Moon cycles

Moon cycles – relationship

When the Moon starts to get brighter in the sky, it is calling a waxing Moon.  This is the vibrant energy of growth and connections.  This is a time of feeling energy build and nature responds by busying and expanding.  A time of strong energy for attracting, a waxing Moon is the best time to find a long-term love relationship that brings you to new experiences and dimensions.

Abundance is the Full Moon’s purview. Under the silvery light fulfillment can be found in a relationship.  This is the right time to truly experience the love you have, enjoying the abundance you have found.  If you are wondering if a friendship is going to deepen into something more, meditate on it during the Full Moon.

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The last phase of the Moon is called the waning Moon.  This is when the Moon shows less and less light.  This is the sad time, the darkening of the Moon indicates a time of release.  The waning Moon is the energy of loss and letting go. Meditate on whether it is time to leave a relationship under the waning Moon for additional clarity.

An easy way to remember the Moon cycles is to associate them with the seasons of the year.  In the winter (the dark of the Moon) it is dark and there is little light.  In the spring (the waxing Moon) the light grows more and more. In summer, (the Full Moon), we receive the brightest light. Then, in the fall (the waning Moon), darkness grows again.

Moon cycles

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