Twin Flame memories

Twin flame

Twin flame – one power

Two people can offer support, which is all things that love should be, but very often the rules get clouded. Speaking to your Twin Flame can often be before birth and sometimes even before you meet in this life. Many people have fragments of sentences spoken either before birth, or on one of the many dream planes and all this happens before you meet in the psychical sense.

The knowledge of love and how to love and the pain, which can come about in dream state can be quite severe, leaving a person full of emotion as they wake from sharing time with their Twin Flame. The energy is so complete, that every emotion is shared and is one power. This pure quality is enough to make both parties involved want to remain in the dream state for a lifetime. This is why Twin Flame exist, to be partners that lead to plans and promises for this life. Time did not give you enough of their love. Promises are made in dream state, to help each other, to try their hardest, to find each other & be together. Twin Flame romances are sometimes harrowing situations in both past and present lives.

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Knowledge of how to become partners can be lost, but wanting to be together is still very strong and wanting to please even stronger. There will be obstacles on the path of Twin Flame romances and you may only meet for a few minutes, but time and Destiny will gently guide the person back to you. You will choose to help this person in their hour of need, but your actual dream plane promises may just slip your mind. This person could then slip through your fingers, which could lead you to once again miss being a lifetime with this person.

twin flame

Twin flame – land of dreams

You will later remember the tears and failures (some of which are on your own path) called the pressures of Planet Earth. Some Twin Flames give each other things to remember to help identify each other on the mortal plane. “I am your gold in the sea.” This short phrase was given to a Twin Flame thirty years before they eventually met in person. They did get to meet, if only briefly, as young adults for a few minutes. And like most Twin Flame knowledge, which holds hidden secrets from various pasts, some can obstruct and distort the chances of a present. But twenty years later, both faces were working in front of cameras, so they again could recognize and share some brief strange communication. In the land of dreams they had promised each other that they would be together on Planet Earth and had fought many battles to claim the same time zone, meaning being on the same planet at the same time. The tragic essence of not being together in this life had already been shared in dream state. So the pain of separation was avoided in this life. So far, Destiny had let them meet briefly, but not for quality time together, but they remained consciously loving and supportive of each other from afar.

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In this case over a thousand miles would not keep them apart forever. They would meet again when they are old and gray. Sometimes support is the romance, as two hearts revolve around work and money. Things that the dream state sometimes gives us will still make sense on Planet Earth, but individually, for one reason or another we won’t have the courage to let them take precedence. Twin Flame love is two powered people that can only love in a pure way. They will continue to support each other, even from a distance. Although, not classified as lovers or friends to the wide world and society at this moment in time. They will always be Twin Flames.

When one falls, the other is ready to pick them up and dust them off. They are ready to do battle for each other and their own lives are individually very hard, even if viewed by others as blessed and lucky. Their hearts are alone daily and all tasks are their own. This is only one example of a Twin Flame relationship. I feel this couple will meet again and be something more special in the future. Twin Flames may argue as they separate, but the joining or reuniting of the Fire can be awesome!

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