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Numerology Part 3: Life Path Number and Your Career

Life Path Number

Your life path number can give you strong indicators about many aspects of your life and one of the big ones is career. Last week I showed you how to compute your Life Path Number by adding together the day, month and year of your birth (May 5, 1995 = 5-5-1995 = 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7).

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Finding the right career path is always an important search. Why not let you numerology help you? So many of us go to work each day to a job, the desire to find a career that has meaning and makes you feel good about what you do is paramount.

What is the best career for you?

Using your Life Path Number you can find out what the best kind of career path is for you. First, compute your number as above and then see what your Life Path Number can tell you about your career path and where you should look to make changes. It is the age of re-inventing ourselves and our careers…let numerology help you find the career that really fits you.

Life Path number 1 – military career, law enforcement, leadership positions, contractor, entrepreneurs and self-employed craftsmen and sailors. Analytical pursuits such as lawyers and engineers. Famers and free-lancers (especially artistic) are found in 1s. Management and oversight are also strong career paths for 1s.

Life Path number 2 – Diplomats and negotiators are great careers for 2s. Sensitive and feminine, 2s are considered the opposite of 1s. Teachers, doctors, therapists, nurses, counselors, home care specialist and all types of caregivers are found in the 2s. Sales, fashion, bartending and politics are solid careers 2s.

Life path number

Life Path number 3 – Having difficulties with routines 3s tend to be dynamic and creative. Unconventional and coming up with the unexpected they do god in the arts – writing and making files. They also thrive as journalists, psychology, broadcasting, and medical science. 3s enjoy a challenge.

Life Path number 4 – Due to a down-to earth practicality and a strong attention to detail 4s are great scientists, enjoy a schedule that allows for repetitious schedule. With a strong sense of discipline, accountants, money managers, financial planners, architects, tax lawyers and organization positions are all great for 4s.

Life Path number 5 – Construction workers, firefighters and stuntmen are often found to be 5s. The 5 is the number of the true jack of all trades. Normally called to positions with travel or lots of time out of doors, they are not ready for a easy chair. Public relationship, high-end sales, advertising and gamblers tend to be 5s.

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Life Path number 6 – 6 is the number of the healer and teacher. Sticking with their careers for years, 6s are able to commit to their path. Many 6s enjoy working with numbers in practical ways in careers such as construction, mechanics, engineering, and carpentry. 6s work well in jobs that include assisting others in education.

Life Path number 7 – In is in the 7s that we find the deep hard science types – physics, chemistry, higher level math. Intelligent and ingenious, 7s are great at problem-solving and coming up with unique solutions to problems. Good at details and exacting, they are also strong in military strategy. Many religious professionals are 7s.

life path number

Life Path number 8 – Focused and highly ambitious, 8s are seen in people with positions of power.
The 8 represents power, authority, and business. 8s normally stick with what is already tried-and-true -with choices like surgery, psychiatry and pharmaceuticals. Highly focused and ambitious, 8s can be workaholics.

Life Path number 9 – 9s are intensely involved in the welfare of others. Volunteering and giving is a hallmark of the 9s. Diplomacy and a strong sense of justice make 9s strong members of government. Human resource specialists, archeologists, anthropologists and sociologists are 9s. 9 make excellent coaches.

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