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Featured Expert Psychic – IntuitiveNatalie

I am a natural born 3rd generation featured expert psychic advisor with over 15 years of experience in helping many clients all around the world. My abilities were passed down to me from a long line of readers, especially my great-grandmother who was a very well-respected and gifted lady.

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Since a very young age I have noticed my acute intuitive abilities, so I learned to tune in and connect with this gift, developing it further with time. During early adulthood I grew spiritually and began to develop clairvoyant abilities and psychic visions. I also took interest in studying dreams and tarot cards. I have had a great passion in helping others my whole life. It brings me great joy and satisfaction guiding others in overcoming life struggles as well offering support and natural healing.

After Oranum was launched in 2012, I had the pleasure and opportunity to offer my services and help to over 11.000 satisfied clients. The testimonials I received speak for themselves. My readings consist of intuition, empathy and clairvoyance which I use along with the tarot cards to open up a greater clarity.

Featured expert psychic

During a reading I tune into my clients’ energy by using the first name(s) of people involved and question(s) of concern. I answer questions directly and clearly, leaving my clients uplifted with a sense of direction and purpose.

You can come to me and ask for help in any area of your life or with any issue. I can help with Love, Relationships, Family, Career, Money, Health, just to name a few. I can read a person’s energy, tell you their intentions, or what they think about you. I can tell if a certain energy is working in your favor or not. I can guide you to avoid obstacles and mistakes, and predict the various outcomes of different situations and decisions. I can view your past, present and future or just take a general look in all areas of your life. I can share wisdom and knowledge with you on various topics such as occult practices.

Featured expert psychic

My readings and predictions are fast, direct, clear and never judgmental. I will not judge your situation or let my personal opinion affect my readings. I do not waste time, my rate is $4.49 per minute and I encourage you to try a private reading with me anytime.

Featured Expert Psychic – Astralprediction

Life is indeed beautiful but it has its share of ups and downs! It is only human to feel low during the ‘downs’ of this roller coaster ride we call Life. During such times we feel the innate need to speak to someone who can help understand our problems and provide an apt solution. I am here to listen to your predicament and to provide you with truthful readings to help you cope with your current situation.

Featured expert psychic

Be it love, career, marriage, finance or just a general life reading, I can provide you with an accurate and in-depth reading with correct timelines to clarify whatever bothers you. I am a tarot reader, psychic, and clairvoyant. I am a Crystal gazer and a dowsing master. A certified Astrologer and a Reiki Master, Aura and Chakra Healer with 21+ years of experience in this field. Helped more than 15,000+ people. I can tell you the past, present, and future. I can predict about your career, love relationships, your business prosperity etc. I teach yoga and meditation.

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I create spells for good causes like reuniting lovers, speeding things up, good fortune, self-confidence, weight loss, debt clearing, and protection. I give healing and affirmations for life improvement. I suggest remedies too.

Featured expert psychic

Featured Expert Psychic – MicheleB

I am an intuitive yet traditional psychic reader and my main interest is tarot. Tarot readings offer in-depth detail and warnings. I also have angel cards for positive guidance and runes for spiritual growth and advice. I use my gift of prophecy to look into my crystal ball. I have the pendulum for yes and no answers, and delve into past lives with my oracle cards.

Featured expert psychic

People ask me when I discovered my ‘gift’ but I cannot recall any earth-shattering event that set me upon this course. I simply say it is just the way I see the world. I am thankful for being able to help others. I have been doing readings for 15 years, and have developed and become more accurate with the passing of time. I have a natural gift of the three ‘clairs’ and have always been able to sense spirits. The energy flowing to my 3rd eye chakra makes me more aware, imaginative and perceptive.

The intention of the questioner is important to get correct guidance. If I were asked questions such as ‘Where do I live?’ or ‘What color is my hair?’ I would answer ‘Why ask me questions you already know the answers to?’ If you were to ask ‘What are the winning lottery numbers?’ I would check if you had good fortune or not and whether it is worth buying that ticket.

I keep my perception strong, by being close to nature, or by remaining as undistracted as possible. I live an eco-friendly life, and enjoy gazing up at the night sky, seeing an occasional shooting star and even an odd UFO!

Featured expert psychic

I keep my rates in readings low and affordable to remain focused on the spiritual rather than the materialistic values. I hope that we can meet up in free chat.

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My main mission is to solve the problems of my clients. I mostly like to use crystal ball in my readings. Because i feel crystal ball reading is perfect and accurate.