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Featured online psychic – Pathfinder

How have I become a featured online psychic? Well, I have always been interested in tarot cards, but it didn’t start as a means to predict outcomes. At first, tarot cards were simply interesting. The lovely pictures, the insightful messages, it just seemed like a fun way to pass the time. Over time and with practice, I learned that there was more to the cards. I would pull cards for myself and be shocked at just how clearly it showed my circumstance. I pulled for others and could see that it had the same impact.

The skeptic in me told me that it was just a coincidence. Surely, no deck of cards could tell the future! But my work, the testimonies I’ve received, and the personal impact tarot has had on my life has made me a believer. There was a reason that I was drawn to the deck. I have a gift, and I feel fulfilled when I share it with others.

Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need!

I use tarot cards to help you gain a clear perspective on your path – the good, the bad, and the ugly. In a reading, first I like to take a look at the current circumstances that are impacting your outcome. You will know the truth of my words because most people have a good understanding of their own personalities and patterns of thought.

Once it’s clear that we have a connection (and we can determine this quickly), we move on to figuring out where you are headed. I use the cards to get answers to a wide variety of questions including:

  • What does he think of me?
  • Why is she ignoring me?
  • Should I change jobs?
  • How do I get unstuck?
  • Where am I headed?

Really, there are so many questions I can answer for you. If you don’t see it here, don’t worry. Come to my free chat so that we can see if I’m the tarot reader for you.

featured online psychic

Using tarot cards, I’ll take a look at where you’re headed. Sometimes you won’t like it, but that’s okay. The cool thing is that knowing your outcome gives you the power to change it. You are a person of free will. You are driving your life for better or worse. If you don’t like where you’re headed, we can find a way to get your life on track.

The next part is my favorite. I take a look at who you are and how you approach conflict to come up with a tailor-made solution. As a featured online psychic I know that there are many ways to solve a problem, but I want you to be successful. The solution will encompass your personality and natural talents. You will not get useless platitudes from me that tell you to “work harder.” You will get specific advice that tunes into your strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re interested in knowing where you’re headed, I can certainly help you with that. I love making predictions. However, I can do so much more for you. When you’re ready to level up, when you’re ready to take control of your path, I’d be thrilled to help you. I want you to realize your power.

featured online psychic

Featured online psychic – SarafinaPsychic

My psychic name is Sarafina. Born psychic, I became aware of my gift when I was 3.5 years old. Both maternal and paternal sides of my family carry the psychic gift. Too many generations to count. Not only did my family carry the psychic gift but family friends, people that my family socialized with had psychic gifts and interests. These psychic and Intuitive gifts were always celebrated and used to create beauty, joy and solutions.

My childhood memories are filled with my friends, relatives and I playing games of energy and power as the normal activity of the day. My cousins and I spent time discovering levitation, meditation and speaking with spirits. Glorious visions of other dimensions were revealed to me at family picnics during guided meditations that my elder family members would conduct. Being psychic, sensitive and connected to the divine was just the way it was. I never knew these things to be taboo.

As I grew thru time I naturally gravitated to spiritual study and friends that were made thru spiritual and religious groups. Spirit living through human form was exciting to me. Being an illuminated woman working to ascension was my inner conviction. It was easy for me to believe in the true divine powers living with in each human if we only would expand our consciousness and dedicate ourselves to our divine possibilities.

featured online psychic

After twelve years of studying spirituality I became a Youth Spirit Guide. This is when I began teaching spiritual power to transform life experience to teenagers and it was also the time when I began giving psychic readings to help people from all walks of life.

Accepting messages from the divine whether it be from the angelic realm, energy reading or from those loved ones who no longer have human form is a non-stop experience for me. Ever-flowing awareness, knowledge, information. It comes thru me to guide, solve, create and make aware. I use my psychic gift to assist people in finding peace and happiness. This is my life purpose at this time.

As a featured online psychic, my specialties include but are not limited too:

Relationship issues- Do you need to know how your loved ones are feeling for you and what their plans are for your shared future? Get a reading in private chat where I can easily, quickly and precisely give you clear answers to these worrisome questions.

Tarot cards are more than mere symbols. Get to know your future today!

Future forecasting- Are you wanting to know what is coming ahead? Are you wondering if you are on the right path or why life experiences are so problematic? With a future forecast in private I accurately attune to your energy to see, feel and sometimes hear what is coming next for you and what your next actions should be.

Career pathways- Do you worry that you are doing the right thing? Are you confused about what your life purpose is? By investing in yourself with a private chat I can delve into your current energy and connect with your spirits desire to help you with clear visions of what is right and what caution you should take.

featured online psychic

Spirit healing- Are you sick of having a hard time? Do you need inspiration to move forward? Is your mind thinking the same thoughts over and over again without any change or success? Are you mad at the universe? My greatest gift is to show people a new way of thinking, to solve problems and create solutions.  Helping you feel a new way, therefore experience new life. With a reading I can give you the attention you need and deserve to make these necessary changes.

Communicating with loved ones who have passed on- Do you need to know how your loved ones are? Do you wonder if they have messages for you? Quickly connect thru me and become aware of what’s going on with them and what they have to say to you.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you have a better life!

Featured online psychic – Accurateanswers1

Hello I am AccurateAnswers1. I have been professionally reading others for about 4 years. Bringing It back to 3 years old were it started out with a message that sparked my Gift on my spiritual journey. I knew I was different but I didn’t know why. When I turned to 18 years old, my beautiful child was born. This opened me doors exploding a super awakening inside.

Featured online psychic

The experience I never thought would happen in my life time. I was feeling, sensing, seeing, knowing plus getting visions. I felt more gifted then ever. I knew God and Jesus was guiding me on my path, This made me feel safe and secure.

God’s messages bring the Highest power and there is and only truth. It’s always a new feeling and beautiful experience every time. If you are looking for a genuine reader then AccurateAnswers1 is your go to. I am able to see your problem or concern though vision or feeling and sense of knowing. This comes from the power of the holy spirit. No matter what areas – relationships, career, life path, family problems or any other areas – you need help, rest assured I can help.

My work comes from God in all my readings and I am glad He guides me and thank to that now I became a featured online psychic. I use my gift helping others giving them honest information for the best outcome or to make the best possible decision. I feel and understand your situation so come experience a reading that is real, honest, caring, and sure to help&heal. I also give time frames that are accurate!

featured online psychic

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