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Featured psychic readers – Leelahel

Leelahel is a natural born clairsentient, clairaudient, empath, and medium. Born into the third generation of a family of gifted seers, she grew up interacting with the spirit world. It all comes very naturally. She dedicates her life to helping others empower themselves, to find that they are not doomed by their circumstances no matter how threatening those circumstances seem. As one of the featured psychic readers, my main focus is always on the client’s well-being and satisfaction. Always!

Featured psychic readers

Leelahel has mastered the art of reading tarot and playing cards, but also provides services using geomancy, tea, coffee, lenormand cards, kipper cards, oracle cards, and more recently angel cards. While she enjoys using cards, she is not limited to using only cards in her work. Often times, her spirit guides will chime in with messages for you. They ares sharp and perceptive spirit guides, often times lacing serious messages with humor.

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Your readings with Leelahel will not be generic nor will the focus be on other people. The readings are custom tailored to you and to your needs, to help you find your available options and to walk away with a sense of newfound purpose. There are usually steps to follow to achieve your desired goals, but of course in the end the option is yours.

Leelahel’s specialties are: romance, finance, spiritual path and timelines.

Romance includes everything from being single and choosing the right partner, to the making and breaking of relationships of relationships and marriages.

Business entitles projections of success for job changes or upcoming projects. Projections of interviews, promotions and raises are also discussed. Circumstances provided can range from general to very specific even to the person or people involved.

Featured psychic readers

Spiritual path will include where you are at in your spiritual journey, with custom tips and suggestions to make your path easier to follow along or create. Timelines are usually month to month. For special cases, we can check a week to week basis.

You won’t be disappointed! Come into private chat with an open mind and heart.

Featured psychic readers – Psychicwayne

Featured psychic readers

Wayne Isaacs loves helping people, and has been for over 25 years, from all over the world from the comfort of their own home where he has direct contact with his spirit guides. Wayne doesn’t use any tools. Wayne has been a Psychic Medium all of his life and has appeared on many TV and radio shows, read for many famous clients and has been featured in many newspapers and magazines.

Wayne lives in London, United Kingdom and was also the first ever Psychic to appear giving readings live on Irelands TV3 channel. If you come and have a private reading with Wayne today he can offer you the following:

  • Honesty & the truth
  • Quick readings with no delays
  • Love and connection with my spirit guides and your loved ones

We all need help and advice at some point in our lives so why not treat yourself to a reading and come and visit me today. You will want to recommend me to your family and friends for a reading and you will want to come back time and time again.

Featured psychic readers

Featured psychic readers – Psychic111

I have always been fascinated with the thought of getting psychic readings since the age of 12. Down the street from me there was a fortune teller.  I would take my allowance money to get a psychic reading. My Parents and I were very religious and my mom was psychic who also believed in psychics. They chose my religion for me and I did not like that religion. So once I was 18, I chose my own religion. That is when I then joined a Mystery school.

Featured psychic readers

There I took my first meditation class and while I was meditating I began to see things. I was having visions of Jesus and my spirit guide, St Germaine. I saw St Germaine guiding me up to heaven and I was following him.

At The time of my vision I did not know who he was but I trusted him and followed him up to heaven. The Spiritual Leader of the church asked us: Did anyone see, hear or feel anything that they want to share with us. I said “Yes, I want to share what I saw!”

Tarot cards are more than mere symbols. Get to know your future today!

When I told the spiritual leader what I saw, she then told me I was clairvoyant. She said that it was very good to have seen so much during my first meditation. Later on we would have sharing sessions and I would tell the other students what I seen for them.

They all said what I saw was accurate. 10 years later, I picked up a deck of tarot cards and begin to learn them. So I am now a spiritual Psychic and I can see things on a higher Level.
I can help you with Psychic Readings that are accurate and spiritually guiding you with help on all matters.

Featured psychic readers

Past Present and future. Help on all matters with honesty and no sugar coating. I’m an expert on love relationships and love problems. I’m a powerful clairvoyant psychic and master Tarot card reader, crystal ball reader and Healer.

I have over 31 years of experience giving accurate psychic readings. I can give advice on business, family, your home, children & relocation. If you’re having money problems, I can give you creative ways to get more of it.

If your life seems hopeless, contact me and I can help!

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I love to help and guide people in their difficult times . I feel blessed when some one get fruitful results . sufferings and sorrows are always part of life but through guidance and knowing we can together do the transformation to happiness .SARVE BHAVAN


Sharing my treasured wisdom with the world and the travels I have experienced, especially 12 years in Japan and engagements in France, Italy, England, China, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and Ireland. Travel! It will expan


I love to read different peoples situations for them and find that clarity that they need to make good decisions moving forward. Besides reading, I'm also a certified Reiki Master and I love to do that as well. It's wonderful to interact with so many dif