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Featured Psychics Online – Firemagus

Erick is a Reiki Master, empath, eclectic magician, and a Tarot card reader. He specializes in energy healing, spell-working (love, luck, prosperity & protection), intuitive counseling and guidance on all areas of life. He has achieved masters level in various Reiki healing modalities such as Usui ReikiKundalini Reiki and Practical Reiki™, trained and attuned by renowned Reiki Master-Teachers, Alice Langholt and Ole Gabrielsen. He is now among the featured psychics online.

featured psychics online

Erick has studied many western magical systems and esoteric traditions including Hermeticism, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos Magic and Enochian Magic. His other areas of interest include Astral Travel, Talismanic Magic, Crystal Healing and Tarot Divination. He advocates the use of magic as a tool for self-empowerment and spiritual growth and is passionate about teaching the practical use of this skill.

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He runs an independent healing practice and is a certified instructor for Practical Reiki™  a modern energy healing technique taught to over 800 people and practiced regularly by nurses as well.

Featured Psychics Online

Featured Psychics Online – PsychicLunaStar

Hello, my name is Luna, or PsychicLunaStar, I work here on Oranum almost every day. I am a mum of 3 beautiful children and I have many fur baby pets. I have been psychic from my birth, I would speak to spirit and bring messages to my family and family friends. Since a child I could see spirit and I had foresight, as well as being naturally empathic.

featured psychics online

As I grew up I learned to develop my gift and protect myself, I can do a range of readings such as tarot and pendulum readings as well as reading with guides and spirit. I am able to remote view and to astral travel also. I am also able to work with energy to cleanse energy, cut cords and connect energy. Last year I took my Reiki level 3 masters course so now I am able to teach and attune students in Reiki 1, 2 and 3.

As one of the featured psychics online I often work with animals and children as well. I like to work in this area as energy is so pure and loving, I have a special connection with animal energy, picking up on their emotions and helping their behavior, getting to the root of their issues and bringing insight to their owners in how they can help the situation. I also connect well with passed loved ones and animals too. Bringing messages in this way is very healing for all.

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Connecting with loved ones who have passed is not always something that happens in a reading I let spirit come naturally to me, the energy is always so beautiful. I love what I do here because I love to see people in my readings come back with updates and see that generally they are doing better. I love to connect with others and bring insights and healing messages.

Each time I open my Oranum chat room I bless my room with Reiki healing and positive vibes. This means just visiting my room brings healing to those who enter my chat.

Featured Psychics Online

We play games and have a good giggle in free chat with members and guests, I love my Oranum room buddies all of them are so special to me, they are all just very sweet and caring and it is a pleasure to work in such a beautiful social environment.

Featured Psychics Online – Kalium

My venture into the psychic realm may be different than most and came as quite a surprise to me.  Five years ago, I sought out the assistance of a psychic during a difficult period and wanted some guidance. The psychic gave me a reading but then added, “I am not sure why you came to me you have the ability to do this yourself” I pondered this and found my old tarot deck that I had purchased in college, which I didn’t really do much with up until I received this revelation. I then started reading for my friends and to both of our amazement I was spot on with the issues they were facing.  Since that time, I devoted time for mediation and learning to develop my abilities. Once I felt I was ready for the next step of my journey I joined Oranum.

featured psychics online

During the years on Oranum more abilities have become enhanced as I have communicated with members who’s loved ones have crossed over giving them information that astounded them with clarity and validations that their loved ones were indeed still with them and a part of their life even if they were not in physical form.

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My favorite type of reading style is with Symbolon cards. From the moment I opened the box I immediately found that I connected very strongly to these cards and was able to ascertain a  members question before they even told me. I believe that I am one of only a handful that provides Symbolon card readings; however, I utilize them in a different method than their intended design.  About a year ago I came up with my own style of reading that to my knowledge does not exist. I combine crystals with an astrological mandala and Symbolon cards to give people guidance on what matters to their heart, what negative thoughts they are harboring and should focus on clearing, where love, career fits into their lives and areas they need to spend time to focus and work upon.

Featured Psychics Online

The readings I am able to provide for my clients are Tarot, Crystal Clarity readings (the name I assigned to the crystal, Symbolon, astrological mandala method) Past life readings, Pendulum, Angel Oracle, Gateway Oracles, and Lenormand readings. My aspirations and desires are to assist every member that visits my room with the clarity they seek and so deserve as my very appreciated clients and friends in our Oranum community.  My fervent desire is to assist and teach others how to learn more and inspire those with the desire to develop their own psychic abilities that I believe everyone has to some degree it just takes motivation, focus and willingness to open and attune to such energies.

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