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The Difference between a Ghost and a Spirit

When Someone Dies  

Among the psychic community in general and on oranum.com, it is believed that our spirits returns back to source energy (where our spirits come from) and when we die, our identity is shed like skin. However, if there is enough focused energy given to our earth/human identity from our spirits or from other people, it can stay behind and not fully dissolve. This skin is what people call a ghost.

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Energy and Consciousness  

When our spirits inhabit our human shells, we are essentially made up of energy that is able to create our thoughts. All thoughts are eternal and exist through energy. If energy is left behind in our human self-concept (earth identity), a ghost is created and an imprint of that lifespan is left behind. And if your perception or energy vibration allows it, you can see and/or feel different energy fields and their vibrations. Everything is made up of energy!

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, and the vibration of it had been lowered so much so to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”                                                                                                                 ​Albert Einstein


A ghost’s energy does not directly come from source energy, even though our spirit, which is made up of source energy generates it through thought creation. The ghost is only imbued with enough energy from our physical concept. And the physical concept of our earth identity, is now, in itself, able to create enough energy to interact with the physical dimension. Note: do not be afraid to share your experiences in my free chat room anytime.

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Often this is the reason why some ghosts do the same thing over and over again, where there’s enough energy left over after a spirit’s withdrawal to surge into the physical dimension. For example, this is why they are able to project one image walking up the stairs or make us believe we hear the sounds of crying in a single room of the house.


Source Consciousness   

When we die, we withdraw our consciousness from our physical body. Our physical body will start to dissolve the energy that makes up the materialization of our body to reunite with the source energy of the universe.

Our source energy is eternal, it does not identify with objects or earthly places, and this is how we know that we are dealing with a ghost and not a projection of source energy (like a loved one who passed away, a spiritual guide, or an angel).

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