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Mother’s day – Five Ways to Remember Your “Other” Mother

Mother’s Day – celebrated worldwide

Celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, Mother’s Day is a commemoration of mothers and the importance of motherhood. Where would any of us be without the woman who gave birth to us? Many countries celebrate the day during the second season of the year, recognizing the link between the fertility of spring and motherhood.

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A modern Mother’s Day invokes phone calls to florist, reservations at Mom’s favorite restaurant, or the entire family preparing a special breakfast for her. Greeting card aisles receive more traffic than usual, filled with heavy sighs indicating the perfect card is yet to be found. Orchid corsages, pansies, Sunday brunches, and happy long distance phone calls are just some of the most memorable characteristics of the day.

However, another “mother” deserves your attention on Mother’s Day as well. Whether you call her Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia, or The Great Mother; she is also a mother to you. Some even call her our Spiritual Mother for it is through her blessings and fertility we are given the blessing of life. It is through this mother that we are all collectively each other’s brothers and sisters on our beautiful planet.

Mother's Day

Here are some simple ways to honor your “Other Mother” on Mother’s Day – and, to honor her even more, practice some of these throughout the year!

Volunteer at a local community garden: Urban or rural, garden work is neverending. Volunteering for a few hours at a Community Garden is a great way to help others have access to nutritious, wholesome food. If your community does not have a garden, consider start building one!

Plant a tree/shrub: Planting a tree or shrub creates a clean source of oxygen (remember, trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen). Providing cooling shade, trees can even help reduce the heat level in urban city centers.

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Take a specific action to conserve water: Homeowners can really give Mother Nature a hand. From choosing landscaping materials that need little water to installing water saving toilets, you can reduce your water consumption considerably. Using greywater for watering your flowers helps too!

Plant native plants in your yard: Native plants are an important part of any ecosystem. However, in many urban areas they are few and far between. Native plants are able to adapt to the environment and tend to use less water than exotic species.

Mother's Day

Bring some of Mother Nature indoors: Houseplants not only help clear the air, they are ornaments to your home. Keeping houseplants can bring about health benefits including adding humidity to the air, and having plants is known to help reduce one’s stress level.

If you also lost your mother earlier, just as I did, taking an action to honor your Earth Mother is a great way to honor your human Mom as well!

However you celebrate it, Happy Mother’s Day to You!

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Mother's Day

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