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Be Aware of Nature’s Messages!

Natural World is Around Us!

While complete understanding of all the omens of nature could take a lifetime to learn, here I would like to present a short summary of guidelines to start being able to receive messages through Natural Omens yourself! The natural world around us is full of omens. From butterflies to wind in the trees, clouds in the sky and natural events, nature communicates with us. You have to open your mind to be able to understand nature’s unique and personal signals for you. With our technological world encompassing so much of our lives, we sometimes lose track that we are part of the natural world around us. It has messages for us if only we took the time to listen and/or watch.

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Did you ever pull the petals of a daisy while saying “loves me, loves me not?” Plants make up a big part of the living creatures of the natural world and can carry messages as well. The connections are often personal and intuitive. An ancient Chinese method involves writing your question on a fig leaf freshly plucked from the tree. Write your question on the leaf and leave it lying in the sun. If it shrivels immediately, the answer is no. If it takes several hours before the leaf shrivels, the answer is yes.

Moon Divination

Selenomancy is the study of the Moon and observing not only the phases of the Moon, but the colors that are predominant in the Moon’s aura as well. A red ring around the Moon is a sign of potential misfortune; if the light is silvery pale, it means your endeavors were not in vain. A new moon is a better time for a new start and a full moon could bring hidden things into the light.

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Water carries messages to us in a variety of ways. One of the four primary elements, water is well known for its use as a reflective surface for scrying. The patterns that can be seen in a body of water as it rains can help your intuition make that special connection for your inner knowing. Patterns found in frost on windows in the winter, when viewed intuitively, will show you the right direction for you to move in.


Remember when you were a kid, laying in the back yard, in the middle of the field or on the beach and seeing shapes in the clouds as they were floating overhead? The shapes or symbols you intuitively see in the clouds can also be messages. Some of the more common shapes are castles (which signify  promotion or high achievement); a rabbit (you may be acting too timidly); a fist (a warning against acting without prior thinking and contemplating your plans wisely); a boat or ship (indicating traveling is nigh); and a lamb (new ideas, new thoughts, positive change).

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As they are some of the most sensitive creatures on earth, the insect world has many messages for us. If you are start seeing a lot of bees, good fortune is on its way. An abundance of beetles could indicate that you need to protect yourself. All sorts of grasshoppers all of a sudden? This could indicate the need to spend more time in preparation. Dragonflies could be encouraging you to spend more time with meditation or could convey a message from a loved one who has passed.

natural world

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