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powerful psychic rituals

Powerful Psychic rituals – Sensei

Dates of my powerful psychic rituals: 25th of November and 2nd of December

Greeting my friends,

I invite you to have the Aura healing and it is crucial to have as you always interact everyday, constantly with the energy of people, situation and your environment. We absorb these energies. Therefore it is important that we protect and clean our aura so that it wont harbor unwanted energies.

I provide a powerful ritual that will give you strong and real awareness of the present time, I will work with candle and with proper invocation of Archangel Metatron (that will clear the aura) Archangel Michael (that will protect the aura)  and Archangel Raguel (that will harmonize the aura with anyone and anything). You will benefit on personal level as you will feel more vibrant, happy and more balanced with your self in the daily interactions.

Powerful psychic rituals

I will have an intro ritual in free chat in which I will prepare your, you don’t need to bring anything with you, but just a comfortable seat, light robes and no metals on. You will be guided to raise your vibration and in private I will complete the ritual with the strong & powerful invocation.

Powerful Psychic rituals – Vanamalihealer

Dates: 24th and 27th of November

Many of us have a surprising amount of emotional trauma in our aura that lies below our conscious awareness. We are unconscious of its deeper course a core place where life force is blocked, this blocks of energy infect directly to all segments in our life, so we have bad relationship, no money, poor health and etc. Blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to illness so it’s important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Powerful psychic rituals

My job is to find those blocks of energy that are destroying your life, and show you how to replace low energy with love, and light. Only love can bring life you want not fear , healing clears that toxic emotions and fears that paralyze you, it s replacing negative energy with energy of love and peace.

For healing , only requirement is an open heart, you just need to close your eyes and I will lead you trough process one step at the time, immediately you will feel your heart is fulfilling with peace and clarity, you will felt a great relief from burden you carry, once you experience your real potential, your real self you can focus yourself on building life that belongs to you.

Healing is Natural Divine energy that supports you, allowing you to fully “live” your life mission.

Powerful Psychic rituals – RistoriaAutumn

Dates: 29th of November, 4th of December

Reiki rituals are good for members who would like to cleanse the energies within and around them. By balancing the chakras, they will have more energy, and more opportunity for life to bless them, since their life energy will be able to flow more readily. The ritual, in total, will be very personal for each member. In the free chat we will start by meditating and becoming very calm and centered. There will be soft music playing, and I will guide everyone coming in with a small meditation to calm the mind, this will allow the beginning of the Reiki energy to start flowing. Everyone in the free will have a general healing coming to them. In the private chat I will direct the Reiki to that person specifically and they will also have their chakras cleared and balanced.

Powerful psychic rituals

To prepare for the ritual, eating a light meal, and drinking a lot of water will help the body to flush toxins from your system. I also recommend having a journal with you, so after the session if any strong feelings, thoughts, or emotions came up, you may be able to explore this more in depth. After the ritual I also recommend drinking a lot of water and being calm and still for as long as you an.

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