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jinxing ritual

Jinxing ritual – Gabstar

I would like to showcase the jinxing ritual ritual on the December 6th and then on December 20th. I will speak of, and show how to perform an uncrossing/un-jinxing ritual. Here I will show the candles that are used for this type of work, and what should be inscribed on the candle for the ritual. In private chat, I will show the client what type of oils, herbs, crystals and prayers to use with this type of ritual. Also, the next type of candle they should burn.

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An uncrossing/un-jinxing ritual is simply where we use herbs, oils, crystals and candles along with prayers to remove the blockages placed in all areas of your life. This type of ritual will reverse and remove all black magic spells, along with simple energy blockages/psychic debris, or gunk placed in someone’s aura and or chakras.

jinxing ritual

jinxing ritual – immediate improvement

Once an uncrossing is done, a Client usually sees forward movement in all areas of their lives. Bad luck in money, love is gone. Aches and pains that were not due to illnesses are also gone. Depression is gone. The Client usually feels lighter, happier and is able to now focus on the important things in their life as their path is now clear and forward movement is in the air.

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