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Psychic reader, Shellie

I am a Hungarian psychic reader. As a small child I grew up surrounded by deeply intuitive and inspiring people with psychic abilities. Healers and helpers who I have seen do amazing things to others. I remember when awakening to my knowledge at the age of 4, when I would be foreseeing events that were about to happen. I felt my calling at a very young age and have always looked out for ones in need, somehow feeling that by the law of karma I am to receive the love and healing I give ten times over.

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My mother, being psychic herself, always encouraged me to work on my abilities and so I attended gatherings and courses throughout my years in the U.K. In Hungary, I continued to study spirituality and religion all through my teenage years. I connect with angels and have visions and pick up on feelings from others, seeing into their state of mind is how I predict their future behavior. I am a positive thinker and a lover of life. I am able to turn your situation around with intense energy work whilst connecting with you. I have 25 years of experience!

Psychic reader – areas of work:

psychic predictions, angel cards, Lenormand cards, pendulum readings, relationship readings, reuniting lovers, job/career readings, wellbeing readings, crisis readings, chakra harmonizing/healing

psychic reader

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Progress, leading to growth, and awareness. Also the feeling I get when I have healed someone. I can help with pretty much anything that needs to healed. Its a very unique method I have honed over time. You feel the effects as I do this, and the issue is


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I am certified reiky, pranik and sound healer.Numerologist, Astrologer,Vastu expert,Hypnotist, Crystal gazer and Dowser,NLP wellness coach,Law of attraction work with your subconcious mind & psychic with 30 years of experience. I will help to improve your