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Live, online Rituals of next 2 weeks

Rituals online – Negraaaaaaaa

Date of my rituals online: May 19th and May 21st.

Rituals online

I do rituals online for luck, insight, lust, strength, confidence and basically upon requests I can perform other rituals as well!

In free chat I will simply speak about my rituals educating individuals about what exactly rituals are. I will show the materials that I use, I will give examples of how these rituals has improved the lives of those I’ve done those for and explain why I don’t do more; as giving more will lead to unwanted consequences if you ask for too much.

In private my rituals you are required to wear white attire, your hair out of your face and an open mind. My rituals have never failed! After the private session you will feel relaxed and a general instant change!

Rituals online

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Rituals online – Lightcate

Date of my rituals online: May 15th and May 23rd.

Rituals online

I have a special offer. I’m a Deeksha giver. Deeksha comes from India, and means blessing and block removal. A Deeksa sending takes only 3-5 minutes, I can offer this in private session. During sending a Deeksa blessing, we will hear a special Mantra for a stronger effect.

A Deeksha blessing can eliminate a lot of unpleasant feelings, and can change any situation. Our relationships will get better, pain will lessen, fears will be gone, generally we can ask Deeksha for every life situation. Of course it’s not a spell, we all have a free will.

Rituals online

We don’t talk during I’m sending Deeksha, the member can just relax with their eyes closed. After I sent Deeksha, the member needs to lie down for 15 minutes. After that, they can continue their day normally.

Rituals online – Gabstar

Date of my rituals online : May 13th and May 20th.

Rituals online

With candle magic, anything can is possible. Uncrossing, unjinxing, unblocking of negative energy from your path. Money spells to help increase financial and career prospects. Love spells to attract love to yourself or to lure a lover to you. Have your beloved one think of you, long for you, etc. Protection spells for protection from enemies.

Conquering spells to help gain power and control over others, and always be a step ahead of your enemies and those who are trying to hurt you. The spells are limitless to be honest. But those above are the general categories.

The Shamanic rituals can be used for these purposes as well. But may be more difficult for others. And I feel may not be a hit as, say, the candle magic will be. (Although, there is a shamanic prosperity ritual that is simple and can be done. But I feel like it won’t be enough. I would probably give away all the info in free chat. Once I give the ingredients.)

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Rituals online – Uncrossing/blockage removal ritual:

In free chat, I will hold up a white figural candle. I will explain how to prepare the candle. But because I can’t give it all away in free chat, I will explain how to write on the candle (the direction, what to write), I will mention that I will now apply oils to the candles (I will not say which oils as that will take place during the private chat). I will also mention that herbs and powders will be added to the candle, (also won’t provide the exact details until the private chat). If the client is unable to do the spell work at their homes, I will offer to do it at mine for them. However, I have to have them buy one of the packages as payment.

Rituals online

An uncrossing/blockage removal spell will benefit anyone whose life seems to be stuck. Anyone who, for example, wants a new job, but can’t seem to get it. Anyone constantly feeling tired and drained, but does not know why (sometimes that may be caused by an energy cord, which I will remove in private chat). Anyone under psychic attack will also benefit greatly from this type of spell work. To perform the ritual, they will need a white candle, and they will need some oil and herbs. I will work with these with adjusting the type of oils in a way that doesn’t get too complicated.

The next ritual can be related to money or love simply using a green or red candle. Also some herbs. So the process will be the same. Or, I can do the uncrossing/blockage removal again for those who didn’t get it right for the first time. Let me know what you think about that.

Rituals online – Money attraction spell:

This spell work will help remove the blockages in your finances, bring more money, help you attract a job. I will offer to do this spell at my home as well, as this one is a bit more complicated. However, if they would like to do it themselves, I will provide the names of the oils, herbs and crystals.

Rituals online – Love attraction spell: 

This spell will help you to bring a new lover into your life. Increase passion in your life, and pretty much transform you into a magnet for the opposite sex. The procedure in this case is the same as in other spell works.

Rituals online

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At different times in our life, we come across road blocks, confusion and hardship.There comes a time in our lives when we each may need some cosmic assistance. My purpose is to guide you on your life's journey helping you with the crossroads and pitfalls


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I love helping clients with love issues and can see into the future with who you will be with. I am the leading love expert in the uk. I am a psychic medium no tools needed, I work with my spirit guides.