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I’m Matt, one of Oranum’s top psychic experts! I was born in France with Spanish origins and my grandmother taught me her gift of reading the future. Soon, I discovered I had abilities to feel what would happen next. At the age of 14, I had my first deck of tarot of Marseilles and I started to give readings to my family, friends and acquaintances. Little by little, more people came for readings and I decided to settle down as a tarot reader. At first, I must admit, I was surprised by such a show of interest for my work and people kept telling me that “the” event, the one they didn´t think could happen, had actually happened.

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With my gift, I’ve been travelling around the world (Mexico, United States, Canada, Cuba, Thailand, different countries of Europe) and I’ve been able to receive a lot of energies and good vibes from all these places and that gave me a solid and rich energetic experience that I need to share.

top psychic experts

Now, with my 23 years of experience built from empathy, love and a much sharpened sense of intuition, I can provide fast and accurate readings. I also learned how to read through ink blots, which is also an amazing and beautiful way to see the future.

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Top Psychic experts – spiritual evolution

Thanks to my gift, I can enter somebody´s state of mind and see its potential evolution. I can help by giving accurate, quick readings, time frames and my best advice, full of all positive energy to guide and accompany you. I can deal with all topics: love, relationships, financial and professional areas, as well as spiritual evolution. You can ask for a general reading or ask your questions and I’ll gather all the best in me to answer you, always with honesty, precision and no sugar-coating. Just ask because nothing is impossible.

Top psychic experts

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I love to help and guide people in their difficult times . I feel blessed when some one get fruitful results . sufferings and sorrows are always part of life but through guidance and knowing we can together do the transformation to happiness .SARVE BHAVAN


Since childhood I have been passionate about helping others through my God gifted powers. I can guide you in all areas of your life, and provide many different types of readings. Ask me more in free chat.


Sharing my treasured wisdom with the world and the travels I have experienced, especially 12 years in Japan and engagements in France, Italy, England, China, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and Ireland. Travel! It will expan