Getting the “Spirit” Back!

Christmas Season – celebrations across the globe

Although we call it the “ Christmas Season ”, many religious belief systems have holidays in December.  The Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan and Zoroastrian faiths also celebrate during this time, just to name a few.  It is no wonder that the spiritual energy this time of year is so strong.

The “Christmas Season” has become quite the commercial enterprise with advertising and store displays touting holiday fare before the end of October.  If you were to base it on the constant marketing for you to buy-buy-buy, you would think the season is all about shopping and buying. But is it?

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There is far more to the holiday season than just the shopping and exchanging of gifts – although that is plenty of fun. Here are a few easy ways to help you bring the spirit of the season back.  And, as with many things of spirit, none of these will cost you nothing but some of your time.

Christmas Season – Giving is the Greatest Gift of All

You miss giving the most important gift of all when you forget to give of yourself.  Giving of your time is one of the most precious gifts you can give another person.  Take the time to have that cup of coffee with a friend.  Take a few minutes to talk with a lonely neighbor or friend. A great place to volunteer on the holidays is at a nursing home. Show your love to those that you care for.

Celebrate the Lights

The lights of the holiday season mean different things to different people, but they are a reminder that there is a higher power for us to turn to.  I like to look at the lights of the holiday season as a reminder to one another that “you can’t be a beacon if your light don’t shine.” They are a reminder to us that we should be reaching out to each other with love and light in our hearts.

Create your own ceremonies

Our lives are constantly changing and evolving.  What suited your parents and grandparents for ceremonies around the holidays may not suit who you are. A ceremony only needs your specific intent and act.  The lighting of a candle to mark an event is a simple ceremony.  Maybe it is time for a new prayer before dinner, or a simple acknowledgement of your higher power.  Invite friends over for a holiday happiness ceremony focusing on positive energy and connection with those you love.

Do something to connect with those there in spirit

Modern life does not always keep you in close contact with those that you love and care for. There are those who are separated from you by the miles, and those that you have lost.  Calling, texting or sending a quick e-mail to say hello could make the difference for someone you love, and it only takes a moment.  You can honor those in spirit by setting an empty place at the holiday dinner table for those that you love and cannot be with you.

christmas season

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