Runes, Special

Runes, the oldest fortune system


Runes – Odin

Are the ancient characters of the Teutons. The characters were carved in wood or in stone and ivory. Each rune has a name and has a magic meaning. A set of runes consists of 24 characters and a rune without a symbol – Odin.

Odin is also called the protector of warriors. He is often portrayed as a wanderer. He sacrificed himself and brought the runes to us. With the runes he showed us the knowledge into the hereafter.

Runes are the oldest fortune system. Each rune has a magical and healing effect on humans. Each rune has a magic about what is what will come in your life and what has already passed. If you want to know why you are in a particular life situation, you can ask the runes about Odin. They are friends, signposts and guides, they solve blockages.


Runes – love and relationship

Also in love or for your relationship they can provide very helpful information. They can tell you how your relationship will develop or whether you will soon find the love of your life. But they also give you spot on answers in all other questions.

If you know your rune, you can always carry it with you. You will feel her energies and She will help you in all life situations. Each rune has its own energy field. It transforms your personality and brings body, mind and soul together.

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If you want to know your birth rune, I’ll be happy to show you your rune. All I need is your date of birth. She is like a star sign and can tell a lot about you. Always carry it with you and you will soon feel its power and energy. You are protected from all attacks and dangers. You can heal and activate your self-healing powers. If you believe in the power of the runes, they will help you.

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