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Do Others’ Energy Affect your Happiness?

How happy we are?

Each person is responsible for their own happiness (or the lack thereof). We all have FREE WILL and through our free will, we can decide to lead rewarding lives. The people we socialize with, whether it’s a random person at a coffee shop or a close friend, all have an influence us – and have a crucial impact on our energy and how happy we are.

Everyone has a sphere of energy around them and this energy affects how you feel and act. For example, when you are in a room full of laughing people, you are likely to feel upbeat and positive – even if you’re in a negative mood. This is because negative energy is outweighed by positive energy to a certain degree, and it can change your mood.

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The same can be said for negative energy. If you are an upbeat person in a room full of sad and unhappy people, you are likely to feel drained of energy. This is often why happy people complain about unhappy people and reversed, unhappy people wish they could be happy instead.


At times we may depend on the energy and happiness of others.

We cannot make other people responsible for our own happiness but through using our FREE WILL we may as well make conscious decisions as to who we choose to spend our time with. Although we have the responsibility to be happy we don’t have to rely entirely on our own resources to make ourselves happy. At times we may depend on the energy and happiness of others. Sometimes the need to be happy can’t be achieved without certain abilities or skills.

This often proves to be the point where the role of a psychic becomes of key importance in certain situations. A client who is unable to find insight or the true meaning and solution to a situation alone may wish to know if their family’s life or their own love life is getting better with the help provided by the insight (the knowledge and the gift) of a psychic. A person can feel more relieved about a situation they may be facing and be reminded that they are not alone in receiving the advice, insight and help from another. If you need to relax, listening to meditation music can often be a great means of releasing tension. We can’t always provide self-help and that’s how depending on other people and not being left to our own devices can help achieve true happiness.

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A piece of good advice

As we are human beings, it’s very important to be assured of the caring energy of our loved ones, even if it means one person only; and the fact that we feel looked after. Quite often our peers can help make us feel happy through a simple reassurance and a piece of good advice. At one point or another we do feel unhappy and often a rainy day can become a cheerfully sunny one simply owing to the support of a friend or a close family member.

Life can be very tough sometimes and it is always important even for someone who is perhaps not fond of the company of others to feel that warm energy of being looked after and cared for. It’s just as important – whether you like keeping a big company around you or not – to know that there is always someone at the other end of the phone who is available for a small talk or to give you advice of any importance.


We not only have the choice but it is our responsibility to choose who we decide to associate with. By using our FREE WILL we can manifest happiness. It takes more than just smiling or positive thinking, as happiness needs to be created and we are responsible for our own happiness. People are either too busy thinking about their own lives or they simply only care about someone else other than themselves. Although people can assist in making us happy, they are not going to actually go the whole way, because at the end of the day it is our own duty. This is because happiness needs to be unlocked, and we may bear in mind to stay happy but most of us are not aware of the fact that the state of happiness even exists. We become aware of happiness through other people’s perception but this is quite often misleading. We tend to associate happiness with all the wrong things, for example the concept of having money. Why do people want money? Because probably they don’t have enough. Linking this desire and owning possessions directly to the power of having money you drive yourself in a further downward spiral of unhappiness because you remind yourself of what you do not have right now and may never will.


“The best things in life are free”.

We need to understand this and that pure happiness doesn’t need to come with a price tag. It is our responsibility to explore and unearth pure happiness that exists within ourselves and to realize that it does not come from material possessions but from spirituality. Spirituality is an independent choice we make, it is a pure and natural way of life. It helps us understand the true meaning of life and happiness, and by living a pure, spiritual and natural life we begin to understand and learn that our happiness does not come from material treasures but rather from a spiritual place, and the knowledge that the universe gives us, which we should use to manifest a happy life here on earth.

We all leave traces of our energy wherever we go and with whomever we speak with, our energy leaves a lasting effect on people you interact with. Being happy and boosting with positive energy is like a gift – a gift of happiness which is why being around friends and family who are happy is also the key to your own happiness too. It is the same with a friend to whom you can talk to no matter what, and suddenly you just seem to forget about your problems and worries. If you tend to rely on friendly advice and attention, remember: it is better to have few very close friends than many distant buddies whom you cannot really call friends.

You might get your kicks out of helping someone else as well: the satisfaction of helping others provides the equally same positive feeling as being happy.

We can create our own happiness with the help of the universe. Although it may be hard to be happy all the time it is always important to at least make an effort. Being happy and having a positive attitude is often the foundation of success.

If there is one thing that the universe wishes us all to do, it is to lead a happy and healthy life.

Love and light,


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