Learning the Tarot – Basic tips

Learning Tarot – methods for you

In this article I will teach you some basic tips and methods for learning the tarot for yourself and others. The first thing to note about your new tarot deck when you start learning tarot is that it is made up of three types of cards. These are the major arcana, the minor arcana and the court cards. The major arcana is made up of 22 cards which represent major themes and archetypes we experience in our lives. When these cards come up they represent the influence of the Divine, of Source itself.

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The minor arcana and the court cards are divided according to the four elements, with Pentacles relating to the Earth, Wands to Fire, Swords to Air and Cups to Water. There are ten numbered cards in each suit of the minor arcana and four court cards in each suit; these being the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King. Minor arcana cards are known as the ‘free will cards’. They represent aspects of our lives we have control over; they show places where we can change our approach, action or mindset.

learning tarot

Each numbered card in the minor arcana relates to the Major arcana card which corresponds to it numerologically; for example all fours in the tarot relate to the Emperor, which is the number 4 card in the Major arcana card, and therefore deal with stability and order. I feel it is important to get a grasp of the structure of the tarot before you move onto studying the rich symbolism of the cards.

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Learning Tarot – study each card!

I would like to recommend the traditional Rider Waite tarot for beginners. Take the time to study each card. Meditate on each card. Make lists of the symbols, colors and movement depicted on each card. Read books about the tarot and make flash cards and ‘mind maps’ noting the essential meanings of each card. Have fun learning the tarot but take a disciplined and organised approach to your learning in order to complement the intuitive skills that you develop through using the cards. Once you have learned the cards’ meanings well you can move on to learning spreads, such as a simple past, present and future spread or the Celtic cross.

Good luck with your tarot learning journey! 🙂

Learning Tarot

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