The Real Power of the Tarot Cards

How does a Tarot reading work?

The first thing you would like to know about when you meet an Expert of Tarot Cards is what the method is and how readings work in general.

“How does a Tarot Reading work?” is one of the most frequently asked question in my free chat room. A tarot reading can be comprised of several things, but there is always; The Querent, The Reader, The Question, The Tarot Cards, and The Spread.

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These elements may appear in different forms, but they are always there in your reading.

Elements of a reading with Tarot cards

Now, let’s look at these elements in depth and see how they interrelate to bring clarity and understanding in a reading.

The Querent: This is where the reading starts. The Querent is the person who wants to have a reading – for whatever reason. What the Querent brings to the reading is their desire to know something or learn something about themselves. The Querent may not have a solid idea of what they want to ask in their reading, but most have a general idea of what is on their mind. By discussing their concerns with the Reader, both the Querent and the Reader can form a question that will answer the Querent’s concern.

The Reader: The Reader is the person who performs the reading. Hopefully it will be me, LoveDrNikki in your case.

The Querent choses the Reader. Each reader has different gifts and abilities and interacts with the Tarot in their own way. How to choose your reader is an important component of your reading. You want to choose a reader who you feel will give you the most accurate reading possible. I have written a companion article that gives some hints and tips on how to choose the reader for your reading.

tarot cards


The Question: This is the core of the reading. The Question is a very important component of the reading. Some readers prefer that the Querent not ask a specific question while other readers prefer a specific thing to look at. Asking your reader what they prefer is a great way to start your reading. Some readers prefer an open-ended question. Most readers prefer that the question not be a “yes or no” question – the yes/no does not leave much room for the unknown/unknowable – which is part of the reason you are coming for a reading.

 The Tarot Cards: There are literally thousands of different tarot decks available and it seems like every reader has their favorite deck to work with. A standard Tarot Deck has a total of 78 cards. The deck is shuffled and the individual cards are laid out in a spread. Each of the cards in the tarot have different meanings and associations and are where a lot of the message of a reading is found.

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 The Spread: Like tarot decks, there are literally thousands of spreads that can be used. The spread is how the cards are laid out for the reading. Each position in the spread has a specific meaning. For example, a simple 3 card spread might be a Past-Present-Future spread. The card that falls in the Past position of the spread will show what influences from the past are at play. The card in the Present position would indicate what the energy is at the time of the reading. The Future card describes what the future potential is for the situation.
With these components you can receive a reading that provides clarity, accuracy and answers the question you have brought to the reading.

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