Moon Power II – The Waning Cycle – A Time for Closure and Completion

Moon waning cycle

Moon waning cycle – efforts to come to fruition

In the second video of her four-part series, Oranum psychic, LoveDrNikki continues to describe the Moon cycles and their impacts on us! Moon waning cycle.

This is the second half of the lunar cycle and the light the Moon shines down becomes less and less. Under the fading light it is time for our efforts to come to fruition, to reap that which we have sown, and to release. let go, and to surrender to that which you cannot control.  Now is the time for closing doors left open for too long. At the end of the cycle it is a good time for cleansing and preparing for the renewal and rebirth found in the New Moon.

This is a time of completion and endings; the energy of this phase is a good time for rest and recuperation before the more forceful energy of the New Moon to come.  This phase is indicating a time for completions and endings, tying up loose strings and finishing old projects. New ideas and plans are beginning to make their appearance on the horizon.  This lunar phase favors you taking time for mediation and patience.

Moon waning cycle – video:

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Moon waxing cycle

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