New Moon in Cancer

Cancer new moon

Cancer new moon & partial solar eclipse

The new moon of the 12th of July occurs at 20°of Cancer. Simultaneously it is a partial solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are energetically highly charged new moons, thus their impact is particularly strong. The current Cancer new moon opposes Pluto, the planet of crisis and transformation and conjuncts fixed star Castor, the brightest star of Gemini Constellation. A helpful grand water trine between the new moon, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces enables a positive outlet of the tension indicated by the challenging aspects.

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Eclipses are energetically highly charged new moons. New moons are associated with new beginnings, while eclipses are considered wild cards, heralding beginnings through endings or powerful starts of new cycles of life. Sometimes we are aware where we need to make adjustments so that we can take things to the next level, sometimes this is not instantly obvious. Eclipses are associated with events beyond our control, so very often an apparently outer event is prompting the change of direction. This can happen even against our conscious attempts. However, the closeness of the Moon ( subconscious, instincts, emotions, memories, daily routines, etc) to the Sun (awareness, creative powers, our identity, the Self, etc) makes easier to understand the messages coming from our inner realms. Meaningful coincidences (aka. synchronicity) can also reveal a lot about the most important tasks.

Cancer new moon

Cancer new moon – how to get the best out of it?

The eclipse occurs in the sign of Cancer, the sign of family, home, motherhood, traditions, emotional life. Although the new moon will fall on different areas of life (houses) at each individual, and it’s impact will depend on the placement and your level of awareness, the analogies mentioned above will manifest themselves in one way or another. Patterns of behavior imprinted in our early childhood as well as gut reactions, habits are also related to this sign.

Pluto’s challenging aspects, especially with personal planets are associated with pressure, crises, bullies and power struggles. However if handled properly they can be a healing and regenerative force. Since new moons mark the beginnings of new cycles, it is safe to assume that new chapters are started due to some pressure during this lunar cycle. The cancer new moon makes a grand water trine with Jupiter and Neptun, indicating that there is a huge potential of positive transformation as a response to a crisis. (This can play out in different ways: quitting with harmful habits like different forms of chemical and emotional addiction, ending intoxicating relationships, starting a healthy diet, detoxifying our body and mind, etc.)

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However the positive outcome requires a lot of patience. Don’ t forget, Mars is retrograde since the 26th of June. It will turn direct on the 27th of August and will leave the retrograde zone only on the 9th of October. While the planet of assertivity and war wants to move forward quickly, the weeks ahead are rather about reconsidering, reflecting, redoing, readjusting. This is not very easy to accept, as under the rule of Uranus, Mars is particularly impatient and unpredictable. He makes two loose squares with Jupiter and with his ruler, Uranus, indicating rule breaker attitudes, outburst of tempers, being hot-headed and exaggerations. This can add more fuel to the fire, while admitting that there are things we cannot control, letting go, practicing mindfulness and detachment, going with the flow will help us to make the best of this period.

Cancer new moon

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