How astrology can help you?

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Learning astrology – beginnings

I didn’t want to become a spiritual advisor. I started learning astrology in my early twenties after some amazingly accurate chart readings. By the end of the four year school I completed in 1997 (I was 26 years old then), I realized that it was one of the best investments of my life.

However, I launched my individual praxis of life coaching much later, some years after my first Saturn return, in 2003. I was aware that before I become the spiritual advisor of other people, I must successfully apply the acquired knowledge to myself and my life. I must first use my Astrological studies to improve the quality of my own life and to raise my own level of awareness.

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The benefits from my studies far exceeded even my wildest expectations. Astrology helped  me to better understand my personality, my motivations, drives, orientation, patterns of behavior, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

It also helped me to identify the areas of life, where I have the potential for success, so that I can focus on them. Simultaneously, I became aware of those areas of life which need extra attention and mindfulness, so that things can run smoothly.

learning astrology

Learning astrology – relationships

Timing was an other blessing. There are Astrologically identifiable periods in the life of each individual which are favorable for openings, growth, expansion, launching new projects or meeting new people. Other periods are more favorable for endings, soul-searching, focusing on our inner voice, re-evaluating, reassessing, making the necessary adjustments. There are also crossroads and turning points, when we must make decisions. Being aware of these stations in advance is a huge advantage.

Astrology also helped me to better understand and handle my relationships. Certainly, this process of understanding starts with becoming more aware of our own relationship patterns, since these attracts – quite often in spite of our conscious intentions – exactly those people and interactions which fit into them.

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Understanding the personality, ways to react, needs, motivations, drives and goals of the people around me significantly improved my various relationships (with family members, partners, friends, colleagues, students, acquaintances, etc). With understanding, came freedom: I could decide freely whether I want to be a part of these interactions, are they beneficial for me, how intensely should I get involved, and how should I handle them more effectively.

Everybody that invests time and energy into studying Astrology can benefit from it in a similar way. So I strongly recommend it even for those people who don’t have the intention to make a living from it.

learning astrology

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