Mars at solar conjunction July 27

Mars at solar conjunction – Powerful transit

The Mars at solar conjunction gets exact on the 27th of July at 4°34′ Leo. This is a very  powerful transit, full of creativity and initiative. However, due to the raw energies involved, it has to be chanelled properly to avoid damages.

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The Sun is our basic identity, and represents the Self, one’s way of being in the world, the self-realization. It is associated with overall vitality and with the creative potential we are born with.  Mars is associated with energy, passion, drive, determination, self-assertivity, agression, stamina, achievement, ambition, competition, sexuality. The archetype of Mars rules wars, weapons, accidents, conflagrations, surgery. Both Sun and Mars are fire – planets. Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.

solar conjunction

Martian qualities are in tune with the passionate nature of Leo. However there can be dangerous extremes. Beside of the spirit of initiative, spontaneousness, eagerness of asserting your identity the dominant fire element indicates a lot of hot air. This can play out in impatience, temper tantrums -especially in case of rejections and hindrances. Foolish risk taking, getting involved in conflicts which could be avoided with empathy, timing and patience also are a part of the picture.

Mars at solar conjunction – be action orientated

Due to the other planetary impacts it is very important to be aware of the best and worst case scenarios associated with the Sun – Mars conjunction. We are a few days after the New Moon of the 23rd of July. Traditionally new moons are the beginnings of a 28 day cycles. They are great opportunities to launch new projects, take new initiatives. Although by that time not exact yet, this alignment played an important role in the new moon chart. This means that we are very passionate with our new plans, enjoy the conquest, we are action orientated. However endurance and patience is not our strength.

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On the 27th the Moon is already in the practical Virgo, meanwhile Saturn opposes Venus. They form together a mutable T-square. This challenging formation is a warning sign that for a successful achievement practical details must be taken into consideration. Results come with time – especially if the creative ideas are combined with hard work. The fiery energy of the conjunction can be chanelled in a healthy way by sports. If you don’t like workouts, intense dancing is a great alternative.

solar conjunction

Your direct or abrupt attitude can be provocative for those around you and this can trigger conflicts. Instead of getting involved in a quarrell, remember the old slogan: „Make love, not war”. This alignment is very sexual indeed, but heart matters should also be handed cautiously. You can easily jump now into affairs which can wound all parts involved. Love triangles are to be avoided. Passion is great, but if you are too pushy, the target of your desire may feel threatened or dominated. A comprehensive Astro-Tarot reading may help you to handle successfully the challenges of this transit.

solar conjunction

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