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Moon & Jupiter play

Moon Jupiter conjunction

Moon Jupiter conjunction

The meetings of the Moon and Jupiter are generally happy transits, ideal opportunities for socialising. After the roller-coaster of the end of March today you can take a well deserved break. However Scorpio is an introverted sign, associated with the deepest realms of the unconscious, the mysteries of death and rebirth, secrets and taboos, transformation and regeneration. So, instead of partying in a big way, spend some quality time with your nearest ones or by yourself, getting tuned on your inner wisdom. Moon Jupiter conjunction will help these endeavors.

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While Moon rules home and family, Scorpio is associated with intimacy and it is a very sensual sign. So this alignment can indicate a romantic program with your special one. If due to the challenging planetary impacts ruling the skies since mid – March you guys had some heated up disputes, this can be an ideal day for reconciliation. Due to the jovial energy of Jupiter you can generously overlook each other’s flaws and focus on the good parts of the relationship.

However, the investigative nature of the Scorpio won’t let you sweep under the carpet the unsolved issues. Still you will be able to talk even about delicate matters with empathy, understanding and with a healthy dose of humor. Thus there is a good possibility to find the common wavelength and renew the relationship as well as your attitude towards each other.

Moon Jupiter conjunction

Moon Jupiter conjunction

It is also fine if you want to spend the day alone, with some soul – searching, focusing on questions related to your spiritual path and developement. Moon in Scorpio is particularily perceptive and intuitive, while Jupiter can give significant dreams related to the future, to your potentials of growth, possibilities of healing and regeneration.

You can amplify this process with meditation (see my previous article about the simpliest and most effective form of it, the „mindfulness meditation), a day of full or partial fasting (in case of full fasting you should drink only medical herb teas or unflavoured vegetable/ fruit juices, in case of partial fasting, you can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables,too), walking in the nature, painting, etc. Combining these methods you can even make a small ritual during which you can ask for assistance from your spirit -guides. Make sure you write down your dreams and revelations.

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