Different aspects of Astrology

Planet movements

Astrology is an art. An art of understanding the effects of planets and the stars on human kind. Astrology is also a science. A scientific study of the planet’s movements. Astrology helps in avoiding unwanted circumstances in life. Astrology is about the taking corrective measures to make a better tomorrow rather than changing the future. The study of the star and planet movements of the stars helps in predicting their next move and their impact on an individual’s life. Astrology guides us in the field of person’s personality, health, relationship, wealth, job, business and love life, among other things.

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The planets work to help us help ourselves. By applying pressure, the planets help us to overcome inactivity. Other times, they help us to see unproductive or even self-destructive behavior that we may have never noticed before but that we can fix. Astrology facilitates us choices. Choices, which we make to help ourselves. The study of astrology helps us to sort out all our options and to act at the proper time.

planet movements

Astrology – planet movements – spiritual path

We can use Astrology as Self-Help. Our Birth Chart/ Horoscope is as unique to us as any other proof of identification. And, Astrology can effectively read and interpret the blue-print of our lives. It can tell us the possible chances and the likely consequences of something in advance. The study of our horoscope can help us in preparing our roadmap for life’s journey.

Astrology is a meditation also which provides inner peace. Connecting your body, mind and soul all together. It is a medicine for your tensed thoughts, a path to walk on. Astrology helps you in many ways. From the unfinished tasks of the past to future events, from ancestral dues to your upcoming generation’s fortune, Astrology assists you in all.

planet movements

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