New Moon in Virgo

New Moon – practical matters

The New Moon of the 20th of September occurs on the 27° of Virgo. While new moons mark the beginning of a new 28 day cycle, the earthly sign of Virgo is associated with practical matters, daily routines, work, resources, health and generally our relationship with our bodies, pets, etc. This means that the new beginnings heralded by the current new moon will be related in a way or other with these topics. Certainly the areas of life (houses) falling in the sign of Virgo will play a more important role in your life than usually.

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As the first new moon after the strong solar eclipse of the 21st of August, the current one marks a very important milestone in our development. After an eventful summer (this can mean anything, from the heat of passion, fun, parties to emotional and financial roller-coasters) it is time to cool down and think how to move forward. Making something tangible from the colorful visions, creative fantasies and the venturous dreams of the Leo eclipse is an excellent way to lasting happiness. During the current moon cycle, you will make the necessary adjustment and start applying in practice the plans and strategies developed during the previous four weeks.

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New Moon – break out

The Jupiter – Uranus opposition present in the new moon chart indicates a strong need for freedom, for a more independent, more creative life, a wish to break out from the daily routines . (It also means that plans can be changed by sudden or unexpected events.) However, the new moon squares Saturn indicating that advancement is possible only in smaller steps. Maybe some obstacles need to be overcame, taking more responsibility is a must, and the curves can not be cut. For instance, becoming a self-employed or a freelancer will give you more freedom (Uranus), but earning a regular and decent income needs a lot of self -discipline, strong organizing skills and relevant professional experience (Virgo).

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The good news is that the new moon – Pluto trine shows that the efforts invested will pay off abundantly, and small steps will lead to big achievements. The opposition between the Mercury and Neptune becomes exact on the same day, indicating, that apart of a practical approach, you’ll need to rely strongly on your intuition. Such attitude will enable you to figure out which things to move forward, which directions to take and how to gain more freedom while sticking to your core responsibilities. An Astro – Tarot reading will help you to get a clearer insight, so don’t hesitate to visit my chat room.

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