Venus, Moon and Vesta in Libra: another amazing triple conjunction

Triple conjunction

The triple conjunction between Venus, Moon and Vesta in Libra occurs on the 18th of October, one day before the new moon. New Moons are beneficial times during the month to initiate something.

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Triple conjunction – emotional responses

Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, beauty, fairness, and balance. Venus represents the attraction and love that glues us to other human beings, the pleasure of life, the needs for comfort and harmony, while the Moon has to do with the subconscious, feelings, imagination, our deepest needs and emotional responses to the environment. Vesta shows the areas of life where we are dedicated and where we can focus our energies to the greatest effect (however, don’t forget that asteroids are not important in themselves, they only add details to the picture). In Libra, Vesta focuses on partnership matters.

All these together indicate that the coming new moon emphasises the importance of our relationships and associations. It also raises the question of how we can make our lives happier, more balanced, and more comfortable.

Triple conjunction

The meeting of the Moon and Venus indicates a cheerful atmosphere. This is the time when we feel at ease with others and enjoy social contacts. People also enjoy our company as we are in a loving mood and we treat everybody friendly with warmth and good will. The day is ideal for partying or taking part in cultural or art events. There is a chance to meet even your special one in such places. We can re-balance the relationships that are shadowed by temporary disagreements. We can find common ground even with those people with whom we generally don’t share similar views, thus, we can work out mutually satisfactory compromises. As far as we don’t overspend, this day is great for shopping too (especially clothes and cosmetics).

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Triple conjunction – spend some time alone

While Venus in Libra is rather extroverted, the introverted nature of Vesta suggests that besides socializing, we need some time alone too. While withdrawing for a couple of hours, you can meditate about your relationship dynamics. Before the fast-approaching new moon, you should ask yourself the following questions:

If you are in a relationship, is it mutually nourishing? How can it be improved? If single, what are your priorities in a relationship and partnerships in general?  Which areas of your life need more balance ?  Vesta can now give the clarity and concentration you need to recognize where you must adjust your attitude.

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Triple conjunction

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