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May Full Moon

Impacts of yesterday’s Full Moon

May Full Moon – all depends on your Zodiac Everyone waits for the Full Moon every month due to their beliefs and guesses. People have high hopes that perhaps their fate will change for their interests and fulfill their wishes. In this article we will talk about the May Full Moon effect on the 29th on Earth, Life and Astrological Signs. Under the Numerology theories, the May Full Moon was controlled by the 6, 10 and 41 charts number, which shows us predicting the impact of the Moon and the quality of energy that will be sent to us and the successive events to this celestial event. This means that the direct impact of the Moon that night was directed to the Taurus , Gemini , Virgo and Libra under the number 41 in the astronomical map and the First, second and third order of Earth and Air constellation. As for each month energies are equivalent to some and harsh on the other, so the zodiac signs that will have a good share of the power of sanctity …

Venus perihelion

VENUS at Perihelion

Venus perihelion – some astrological details Our subject today will be how Venus perihelion – happening today on the 16th of May at 00:00 GMT – will influence our lives. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus and is the second planet of the solar system. Venus is far from the Sun but on the other hand the the closest planet to Earth, and it is classified as a terrestrial planet like Mercury, Mars, and Earth. Venus is also called as Earth’s twin, because it has a great resemblance to the Earth. It is enough to take a look at it’s size and composition. The first visit to Venus took place in 1962 by the Mariner 2. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychics today! Like every planet, Venus also moves around the Sun which is what we call “Venus Orbit”. Venus’s distance from the Sun varies by only about 1.5% between perihelion and aphelion. Perihelion is the closest position of Venus to the Sun and Aphelion is …

Saturn retrograde

Saturn’s retrograde motion

Saturn retrograde – When the past does not go away Sometimes memories can become obsessive, but when the lost time of regret does not abandon us, we must find the key to leave it behind. Saturn retrograde from the 18th of April in its domicile of Capricorn can lead us to all dealing with old memories and issues. When the planet of memory backs into the sky it is time to reconsider old times that no longer exists. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true reading from a psychic! Chances are high to face with our traumatic memories, the ones that left wounds in our lives, those ones of lost opportunities and the memories of the people who left us. Meditate and use this time of period to clean all the negativity rooted in your past eventually. Saturn, the planet of time and memory may remind us that we are our past. Saturn retrograde – memories Mercury represents the time that escapes with the present, that feels imaginary and fleeting and …


The missing 13th constellation; our lost star sign: OPHIUCHUS

Ophiuchus – early ages For thousands of years man looked towards the heavens for inspiration and guidance. Before the invention of the sextant, sailors followed paths in the constellations. Some of the earliest maps contained paintings of constellations. We will see that Ophiuchus was discovered a bit later. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic right now! Ancient Egyptians portrayed the heavens as a wheel, where all things were contained within this wheel, but also rotated outside in a contrary direction, just like the moon and sun move around the Earth. Celestial observations gave prophecy to major events like flood, famine and drought. The moon’s gentle power moved oceans and tides like the virtual life blood of the planet Earth. The Sun warmed, creating new life with each day, not one person, element or animal escaped the power of the planets. The oldest undisputed evidence of astrology, as a knowledge system integrated into every person’s life, was Babylonian, so the first formed system known to man appeared in the 2nd millennium BC. The …

Sun Uranus conjunction

Uranus at solar conjunction

Sun Uranus Conjunction in Aries The Sun Uranus conjunction exacts on the 18th of April, on the 28°of Aries, two days after the New Moon (16th of April, 01:57 UTC). New Moons are regarded beginnings of 28 day cycles, while Uranus is associated with freedom, revolts, renewal, thinking outside the box, awakenings. The close approach of Uranus to the New Moon in the pioneering sign of Aries emphasizes the importance of breaking new ground and pushing into the unknown, even if this means to step away from the safe side of the road. These new starts are related to the areas of life where it falls on your birth chart. (An astrology chart consult can help to identify the tasks, so don’t hesitate to contact me.) The exact conjunction occurring two days later between the planet of creativity, conscious mind (Sun) and the cosmic “Awakener” (Uranus) puts your individuality in focus. It will help you figure out: which kind of renewals are needed, where do you need more independence and freedom, which paths will help …

Moon cycles

Love By the Light of the Moon

Moon cycles – story of lovers The Moon and the Moon cycles have been a focus of love for millennia. The story of lovers separated by miles, maybe even continents, both looking at the moon and thinking of the other is a common scene in many romances. The Moon’s feminine energy is receptive/feminine and encourages connection with the natural cycles of which you are a part. The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and its influence on energy cannot be overstated.  Watching the Moon and understanding how your love energy is affected by the different phases can improve your chances to finding the love you are looking for. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! It is said that timing is everything, and with finding the right love, the same holds true.  Here are some hints on how to use the cycles of the Moon in your search for love. The Moon is easy to consult, even if clouds are in the way just watching your local weather or consulting …

Moon Jupiter conjunction

Moon & Jupiter play

Moon Jupiter conjunction The meetings of the Moon and Jupiter are generally happy transits, ideal opportunities for socialising. After the roller-coaster of the end of March today you can take a well deserved break. However Scorpio is an introverted sign, associated with the deepest realms of the unconscious, the mysteries of death and rebirth, secrets and taboos, transformation and regeneration. So, instead of partying in a big way, spend some quality time with your nearest ones or by yourself, getting tuned on your inner wisdom. Moon Jupiter conjunction will help these endeavors. A psychic can give you the authentic reading you’ve always longed for. Look one up at Oranum today! While Moon rules home and family, Scorpio is associated with intimacy and it is a very sensual sign. So this alignment can indicate a romantic program with your special one. If due to the challenging planetary impacts ruling the skies since mid – March you guys had some heated up disputes, this can be an ideal day for reconciliation. Due to the jovial energy of Jupiter …

March equinox

March equinox

March equinox – new season Many of our readers probably have wondered if there is a link between March equinox and an equinox in general and Astrology. There is an important significance behind the fact that an equinox or solstice can tells us the influence of the Sun to the Earth. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true reading from a psychic! First of all an equinox (the word equinox comes from Latin and mean “equal night” because during an equinox the day and night will be at equal length) marks the beginning of a new season and you know how seasons interact with our feelings and state of minds. As many of you already know there are two equinox points each year (spring and autumn) and two solstice points (summer and winter). They each correspond to one of the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac, also known as the Cardinal axis. These axis are very important in Astrology because they mark the powerful angles (energy manifestation) in a birth …

Star chart

Question the Stars

Birthday Star chart – the answer Why are you attracted to a certain type of person? Your birthday star chart can show the answer. I have often heard clients say, “I always fall for Leo guys.” This might be easier to find the answer than you think. You might be born in Scorpio, but you could have a Leo Moon and this will give you an unusual attraction to Leos. It is a good idea, to not just find out your Moon, but what house your Sun is in too. Very often a client will come to me with their Birthday Chart in hand and ask me to look at it. This is because most of the time, it is all they are given. These charts are great, if you are a budding Astrologer yourself, but they are no good for the average Joe, unless you are ready to read a few books on how to analyse Birthday Star Chart. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! For …

Powerful colors

Using Color Power

Powerful colors – associations There are color associations with astrology that you can use to your advantage.  The signs, planets, the seasons, and the days of the week all have their own color associations.  You can put this knowledge to work for yourself easily. By combining the color associations, you can come up with the perfect and powerful colors to wear for that all important interview, a new date, or even just lift your mood. Color is powerful.  It is used by designers to “set the mood” in a room or living space. The effect of color on the human psyche is powerful and can be used to your advantage.  It can change a person’s mood, attitude, make them more inclined to be generous, and more. Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! Use the following color associations to help put the power of color to work for you.  Choose your wardrobe and accessories by consulting the lists below.  If you are a Taurus, for example, and you have a …