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Yearly money horoscope

Yearly Money Horoscope for 2019

Are you concerned if your plans for 2019 will be supported financially? Let us dissipate your uncertainty right now. All you will need to do to find answers to your questions is to read our Free Yearly Money Horoscope for 2019 below! Yearly money horoscope – ARIES First impressions suggest it is once again all about money matters, but that is not the case as your yearly money horoscope shows. After two years where the main focus has been on money matters as a whole, the balance of power is shifting. Despite first impressions, this is a big and potentially game changing year on the income front. Held back by her retrograde phase, Venus is still in your financial sector as you move into the New Year, finally wrapping up her second visit of 2018 on 8th January. This will bring all planetary activity on the financial front to a close and apart from a Full Moon on 19th May, it will stay that way until October. Even then, what begins with Mercury’s return to …

Yearly business horoscope

Yearly Business Horoscope for 2019

How to plan your business in 2019? When is the appropriate time to start a new project? Find out right now what you can expect in this year based on your yearly business horoscope! Yearly business horoscope – ARIES Any indecision or perceived lack of motivation at the end of last year is completely blown out of the water in the early days of this year, with your whole professional game catching its second wind in the early days of the New Year. In fact, this might kick in during the early hours, with career forces that limped to the end of your 2018 professional year, shooting out of the gate as you move into 2019 as your yearly business horoscope shows. You can thank Mars’ return to Aries on New Year’s Day for that, firing up your passions and fighting spirit from the get go. It is a solar eclipse in your career sector on 6th January that will ride the wave of enthusiasm this will create. As well as creating an opportunity for …

Yearly horoscope

Yearly General Horoscope for 2019

Will you eventually find your Love? Are you getting married this year? Is there any blockage, obstacle that you need to face this year? What are those celestial conjunctions shown in your yearly horoscope that will affect your career?  Look for your personal horoscope sign and find out what is in store for you this year! Yearly horoscope – ARIES There is a sense of excitement in the air from the get go this year based on your yearly horoscope, with a sense from the start that this is going to be an exciting journey. The surprising thing is that while you ended 2018 suspecting this was going to be the case, you can really feel it once you move into 2019. You can thank Mars, your ruling planet for that, with his return to Aries on New Year’s Day energising everything. It is not just Mars’ return to Aries, but the friendly aspect this will put him at to lucky Jupiter, who will spend the majority of the year in your sector of adventure, …

Winter solstice

Winter Solstice 2018

Winter solstice – shortest day of the year The winter solstice occurs on the 21st of December, 5:23 pm EST; when the Sun enters Capricorn. On the Northern hemisphere this marks the beginning of the winter. Solstices and equinoxes were celebrated in all of the ancient cultures of the world, as they are important turning points of the year. They also have an astrological significance, as they can give an insight in the opportunities, challenges and tasks of the period up to the Spring Equinox. On the northern hemisphere the day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. Winter is about retreat and regeneration. The processes of development and transformation occur behind the scenes. Capricorn is an introverted, practical, goal – oriented sign, famous of making the most even from dropping sources. Capricorn season is the time of the year when we evaluate  the achievements the previous 11 months and we are setting new goals for the next year. We also consider, how we can make the most out of the …

Mercury turns direct

Mercury Turns Direct Stationary

Mercury turns direct – no more confusion Mercury turns direct stationary on the 6th of December, at the 27°of Scorpio. This is really good news, as it marks the end of the retrograde cycles of this year, characterized by delays, confusion, lack of details, etc. It is significant that the retrograde cycles of 2018 were opened by Mercury ( the 6th of Marc – 3rd of May ) then in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, and they are also closed by Mercury, transiting an other sign ruled by Mars. However, there is a significant energy shift. While Aries is extroverted, enthusiastic, self-assertive, fast, hot-headed and spontaneous, full of spirit of initiative, ready to jump to instant conclusions, Scorpio is a maturer manifestation of Martian energy. It is slower, more cautious, more investigative, more tactful. While Aries is a sprinter, Scorpio is a long distance runner. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! Mercury is the planet of thinking processes, communication, travels, learning. In Aries it didn’t hesitate …

Death Tarot Card

Scorpio and the Death Card connection

Death Tarot Card – the connection with Scorpio Death is ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the Eighth House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the “House of Death and Inheritance.” Let’s see the Death Tarot card: Upright: Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition.  The banner that Death carries has a black background, indicating an absence of light. The white rose, on the other hand, indicates beauty, purification and immortality. In the background of the card, there is a rising sun, a sign of immortality. The sun appears to ‘die’ each night but is reborn fresh and new every morning. The two pillars on the Death Tarot card are guarding the gateway to the sun, symbolizing the knowledge needed to gain immortality. The boat on the water in the background is the ferry that transports the souls across the River Styx. The background is a neutral grey, again showing Death’s impartiality. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. The esoteric and Greek mythological meaning of Pluto is the agent of death. This could mean …

Gemini Full Moon

A Full Moon in Gemini shines upon the Thanksgiving dinner

Gemini Full Moon 2018 – see the results now The Full Moon of the 23rd November occurs at 0°51′ of Gemini. In Astrology full moons signify the end of a 28 days’ cycle started at the previous new moon, respectively that of the 7th of November. They are also culmination points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. Let’s see what Gemini Full Moon holds for us. Among other things the Moon represents in Astrology the unconscious, the emotions (and the way we deal with them), imagination, intuition, moods, sensitivity, instincts, daily routines, the mother, elderly woman etc) Full moons create tensions and excitement, emotions can run high, things speed up. Ruled by Mercury, a Gemini moon is cerebral, communicative, outgoing, open to new adventures, flexible and changeable. Stop overthinking – give your subconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic today! Mercury is in Sagittarius, together with the Sun and Jupiter – the king of gods. Sagittarius is a joyful sign, ruled by Jupiter. It is associated with …

Venus Mars trine

Venus – Mars Trine: balance and reconciliation

Venus Mars trine – a positive outlet The Venus Mars trine perfects on the 9th of November (Aquarius – Libra 26°), indicating the possibility of a positive outlet for all the tensions bottled up during of the 6 weeks of Venus retrograde. Since the 31st of October, when Venus re-entered Libra we experience a significant energy shift.  The atmosphere eased up, especially if the biggest part of the lessons of the retrograde period were learnt. After recognizing our deepest needs we are now in a better position to assert them. Hopefully by now the Scorpionic intuition, thoroughness, commitment and emotional intensity is combined with a healthy dose of detachment and objectivity specific to Librans. We are able to identify the situations and interactions which are not good for us, and we can easier move forward instead of getting stuck in them. When there is no way to cope, check your horoscope! Go to for a full analysis! Thus the Mars – Venus trine perfected on the 9th of November shows considerable improvements in our relationship …

Sun Venus conjunction

Sun – Venus Conjunction 2018 October

Sun Venus conjunction – tasks The Sun Venus conjunction perfects on the 26th of October, at Scorpio 3°06′. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity and – besides Saturn – one of the indicators of our main tasks. Any conjunction between the Sun and other planets will highlight the tasks related to that particular cosmic principle. Consequently the current Sun – Venus meeting will put in focus the themes related to the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic today! The conjunction between the two celestial bodies perfects on 10: 05 am (New York), 3:05 pm London. Five hours before and after it Venus will be „Cazimi”. This is a term to describe a planet in „the heart of the Sun”. According to the ancient Astrologers, it is a very beneficial position, manifesting the best qualities of the planet involved. Under Cazimi a true alignment can be established between the inner self and the principle of the planet. (Some key words for Venus: …

Astro candle color

Your Astro Candle Color

Astro candle color – increase your energy You probably already know your astrological sign and many of you may even know the element associated with it. However, did you know that your sign is also aligned with a color?  Combining your sign’s primary color and burning a candle with specific intention, you can help to increase you energy, stamina, focus and more! You will get to know your astro candle color now! “Candle Magic” has been practiced for millennia and is used in many belief systems.  In fact, there is no need to study for years and acquire libraries of arcane knowledge to use the magic of candles.  It can be as easy as saying a quick little prayer for intent and then lighting a white candle. A simple and effective use of candle magic is to burn a candle the correlates with your astrological sign. Check your sign in the list below for the appropriate color that is associated with your sign.  A small tea light or votive candle are completely satisfactory for this …