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When you choose the appropriate psychic for you, you significantly increase your chances in having a reading experience that provides you with clarity regarding your question.

Which type of Reading should I try? Read these articles to find more information that helps you finding the best tarot reader, astrologer, clairvoyant or medium.

Each psychic is different, has different skills and abilities and interacts with people in different ways. To gain the clarity you are looking for, it is important to choose the right reader. But how exactly do you go about finding the best reader for you?

Did you know that a dream dictionary can actually give you a dream meaning you’ve always been interested in? Or the fact that a tarot card can provide a tarot card reading to gain insight into your obstacles and make them go away? Find an experienced psychic for a free psychic reading or rely on your sun sign and birth date for a horoscope!

psychic readings

Details of the next Demo reading

Demo psychic readings – don’t miss the chance On a weekly basis selected Psychic experts get the chance to show their expertise and to prove their talent by giving free psychic readings in free chat within certain limits. VisionaryGu has been selected to provide Demo readings next week on the 26th of July from 4:30 to 5:00 pm EST. Pick tarot cards with your tarot card reader and discover what’s been lost and what you will find in your life!  Let’s get to know her a little bit more: Tested proven psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empathic, Intuitive, Tarot Expert, Gypst Cards, Lenormand cards,  Runes stones, Pendulum, Osho Zen, Dowsing, IChing, Astrologer, Angel Reading, Candle Reading, Chinese fortune teller (divine sticks) Reiki master, Life coach, Fengshui, Meditation guidance. Charka cleansing, Specialties:  Factual accuracy on personal description and compatibility. Relationship expert, reconciliation, Love life, Career, Finance, Job search guidance, Court case, soul mates, Twin Flame identity, lost and found, affirmation. Anxiety/depression relief, marital issues, children guidance, Service : Precise Guidance/Advice provide, Time frame for predictions. Straight forward, Authentic, no …

Psychic online

Oranum’s choice: AnnaSimone

Top Psychic online – Introduction AnnaSimone is a gifted visionary and Clairvoyant and psychic online who can see what is going on in your life within moments of gazing into her crystal ball. What she can see will astound you! When you enter a private reading with her, you do not need to ask any questions for her to see your soul picture and journey in the crystal ball. Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! AnnaSimone gives in-depth relationship and love readings, and can tell you what your love interest is thinking and feeling and give you guidance and tips about how to get closer and be successful in a relationship with your chosen person. She will not sugar coat, but will always share the information she sees with sensitivity and respect. By the end of the reading you will feel uplifted and clear about your future path. AnnaSimone is non-judgemental and happy to read for you, wherever you are on your journey. She is positive about LGBTQ relationships, …

mediumship skills

The skills of Mediumship

Mediumship skills – new realm Questions asked by clients based on seeing ghosts & connectivity, meaning people who have maybe journeyed to a new realm, and have left their physical bodies behind. During the time my mediumship skills evolved the most common question I got asked was “How do you connect?” Someone once said, that a person who is colorblind does not have, the actual concept around seeing red and green. Colorblind people, nevertheless, believe these colors to exist & to be on the spectrum. Even though most people can not physically see ghosts they know of them and maybe believe they exist too. This is similar to being a medium. Seeing or hearing ghosts sporadically is normal for me, it has happened, as far back as I can remember, but to others is out of the ordinary. Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! Mortality was an early lesson for me, although, I never questioned, if the confusion was because of deception. Most families seemed unaware, that one or …

Master Psychic

Oranum’s choice: MARCELLOMEDIUM

Master Psychic – Spells For over 20 years I have been casting Spells and perfecting my skills as a Master Psychic and Spell Caster with great success. I have helped many clients with all kinds of problems and special requests from all over the world. My style of spell casting and the rituals associated with each spell have brought significant change in peoples lives, no matter how difficult their problem were. With the help of my special candles made and personalized by me I can always find appropriate solution! Get a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! Master Psychic – no worries I can also give you prediction and guidance without using tools however I do use the Tarot if need. I am a natural born clairvoyant, meaning I can see and feel things that normal people can’t explain. So if you have tried everything and nothing worked, if you are pessimistic and cannot find the right path or if you are missing something in your life I can help you. I will ease your …

top spiritual adviser

Oranum’s choice: Ariletta

Top spiritual adviser – your journey Dive deep into the mysteries of your inner most being, and discover your truth! Ariletta is a Mystic and top Spiritual Adviser providing profound psychic readings and esoteric direction to individuals seeking to unlock the secrets of the Universe. A naturally gifted Medium, Healer and Sage who uses her talents to communicate with the Divine to help women and men navigate their personal journey in a way that allows them to ascend to a higher level. Providing more than just psychic predictions, Ariletta helps you understand the meaning of your personal path so you are better able to make decisions related to the possibilities that lay before you. This empowers clients to reach a higher level of enlightenment, experience greater levels of peace, reduce anxiety and ultimately discover a life of fulfilment and meaning. Get a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! One of the most interesting aspects of Ariletta’s work is that she does not require any information from you in order to conduct a reading. …

Oranum’s choice: BrightStar55

Top Psychic advisor – The gift I have had a gift since the day I was born, meaning I can and see, hear, feel and smell spirits around me. This gift has been passed down through my family for the last 200 hundred years. My mother was a spiritual healer and my sister was a very well-known Psychic advisor in London before she passed over to spirit. Have you tried the help of the tarot cards? Find a reader today to find your path! I am firstly a spiritual medium and have been working live for over 35 years here in the U.K. This work includes regular platforms with Live audiences of up to 40 people at a time. I work with several guides. Top Psychic advisor – Spirit guides There is a Chinese man called Mr Chan who brings me wisdom. I then have a North American Indian chief who wears his head dress and smokes a peace pipe; he is called Red Wolf. He is eight feet tall and is my healing guide …

Oranum Psychic

Oranum’s choice: IntuitiveNatalie

Oranum has always been checking Psychics’ overall online activity and we have decided to launch a series highlighting the best experts on a weekly basis. Meet the top Oranum Psychic, IntuitiveNatalie! This is Oranum’s choice! Top Oranum Psychic – IntuitiveNatalie Hello my name is IntuitiveNatalie. One of the first readers who joined Oranum since it was launched around 2012. I have helped over 20,000 clients from all around the world and I continue to help many new clients on a daily basis. I have a European background with a few gifted readers.  A psychic can give you the exact insight you need. Chat with an expert today! My great-grandmother was a well-known, respected reader for many years. In my readings I use the Ryder Tarot deck along with my natural abilities consisting of Intuition, empathy and clairvoyance.  My readings are always genuine and honest and to the best of my ability. During a reading I tap into my clients energy along with my gifts and tools to bring answers to your questions in many areas of focus. Many clients visit me daily for …

Top Psychic of the week: MsNirvana

Top Psychic online – nurture your hidden emotions Hello everyone I am MsNirvana. As a top Psychic online, my mission is very simple… to reach out to the masses from every nook and corner in this planet. I believe I have been gifted the blessings from my angels, gurus, mentors, family and friends to visualize my psychic skills over the years. I have experienced unpleasant situations in life that have turned into lifelong lessons and blessings in disguise. They evoke the development of my inner core spirituality. With 15 years of experience I believe I will be able to nurture your hidden emotions and potentials likewise to also guide you to the path that paves the way for happiness and true understanding of our own cosmic selves. In our everyday lives, situation arises that need immediate answers and guidance, as we are always feeling lost, unable to grasp the curve ball that is thrown into our path, a person is said to have a certain destiny and personality traits, I will give you the courage …

Live Psychic rituals

Psychic Rituals to visit!

Live Psychic Rituals – Gipsgold My live psychic rituals will be available on the 23rd and the 30th of December. I will do chamanic rituals in order to clean you from all type of negativity including black magic, curse, bad energy, envy etc. Thanks to this ritual your aura will glow again and you will have peace in your soul. I can promise that due to my ritual your spiritual life will improve as well as you may expect emotional development and you will become more lucky with your relationships and in general. I will perform my unique Tobacco’s ritual with the help of flowers, candles and mantras in order to achieve the given goals and to fix the issues in your life and clean all negativity. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! In my free chat room, I will do mantras and show you the candles I will use in the private chat while performing the Tobaccos ritual. It is beneficial if you do not eat meat on the …

weekly featured psychics

Featured Psychics of the week!

Weekly featured Psychics – FLOWERPOWERTAROT My name is Linda a.k.a. FLOWERPOWERTAROT and I’m a Psychic Medium & Channel. Questions I am often asked include: “What is the difference between and Psychic and a Medium?” “How do I further my development?” “Are my deceased friends or relatives around me and trying to contact me?” “What direction do I need to take next in life?” “What is my life’s work or purpose?” “Is this or that person good for me?” “Is my spouse/partner cheating on me?” These are just some of the many questions that we answer daily as weekly featured Psychics, Mediums & Channels. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! Having had the amazing grace and opportunity to study internationally with many of today’s top mediums, teachers, and authors, I have been able to enhance my natural abilities for the purpose of helping others. In a typical reading, I first connect on a psychic level with my client, then on a mediumistic level with Spirit (spirit-guides, teachers, helpers, …