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Full Moon Report – Be prepared for the Full Moon on March 12

Full Moon in the sign of Virgo

The Full Moon on March 12th will be in the sign of Virgo and will bring about increased tension in general. All the relationships that are stressful to you will become even more upsetting and it is of extreme importance that you find solutions during this period that are lasting and help you keep balanced and level-headed until the upcoming New Moon. All the problems that come to the surface can only be resolved properly if you find their core roots.

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A meaningful and deep analysis can lead to positive changes, finally guiding you to peace and harmony.

Periods of Full Moons always highlight the polarities in one’s life. During these periods you are forced to find the balance between things that work and those that do not. You have to be careful not to lose your temper while your inner pressure keeps increasing. Chances of conflicts are higher during these days as tension reaches sky-high limits. In case you come across situations that do not feel like doing or the work is over-emphasized in your life, this will definitely be the time when you need to reorganize these areas to make your life liveable and pleasant.

Full moon

Energies of this particular full moon

You will also feel an increased desire to have more fun and it is very likely that you will not let anyone setting the limits for you. Due to that it is possible that a sudden, bursting event will eventually release the tension and lead to some major changes in your life. The energies of this particular Full Moon period support new beginnings and adapting to these changes might not be as easy as you think it is. The funny thing is, due to this emotionally intense period you may end up in a new relationship even.

On the other hand, the greater power and influence of the New Moon will support all the positive transformations over your life, such as finding solutions to solve or deal with your personal or work-related issues.

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To summarize up the results of this period and these events, you are likely to encounter drama and stressful situations. Conflicting opinions and situations are likely to become even worse, therefore you can expect drama and increasing inner tension.

Despite all detailed above it is not worth rushing around for instant solutions such as reactions you didn not think through thoroughly as it may just increase anxiety and stress. Only solutions based on deep analysis are going to provide genuine solutions. While it will not be the easiest thing to during these two weeks, it is recommended to try and relax. Do not forget that at the end of the day all changes assists your development and do not let negativity bring you down. Try and consider this Full Moon as a celestial conjuction full of opportunities to make your life even better and fulfilling.

Full moon

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