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Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon report – how will it play out?

The full moon of the 6th September occurs at 13° Pisces. Since it follows the total solar eclipse of the 21th of August, it is particularly important. The energies of the current full moon are very strong, but the way they will play out in your life depends on your level of awareness and decisions made by your free will. (Certainly a consultation with an experienced Astro – Tarot reader will help you to get the necessary insight, so don’t hesitate to contact me after you have read this Full Moon report!)

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The full moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. (See details about the benefits and the challenges of this alignment in one of my previous posts Close approach of the Moon and Neptune, the 13th of July 2017”. Basically the meeting of the two planets increases your sensitivity and intuition. From the other hand such aspect can distort your view of reality, and promote escapist attitudes through drugs, alcohol and other types of addiction.

full moon report

Thus strong reality-check is essential to distinguish the authentic inner experiences, the genuine voice of wisdom from the sheer products of fantasy. The Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon – Neptune conjunction is Pisces gives unique opportunities for such reality check. Skipping this very important step can lead to deception and self-deception, weakness, and confusion. By contrary, paying attention to the practical details, willingness to make palpable efforts, working hard to make your dreams come true is a receipt to make positive changes. (This is an ideal opportunity to adopt a healthier diet, start some sports, break up with self-intoxicating habits, including the victim/savior relationship-games, too. Mars, the planet of action and self assertivity has just entered in Virgo, but it is still the part of the grand trine with Uranus and Saturn – a guarantee in itself that genuine endeavor will bring long-term benefits).

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The other reason why this full moon is significant, is because Mercury will station direct on the previous day on the 28°th of Leo. This was the degree where the new moon and eclipse of the 21st of August occurred, and as such a critical point of the current full moon chart, too. Mercury is the cosmic messenger, associated with communication, any kind of exchange of information.

Full Moon report – culmination point

Full moons are culmination points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. All this means that the Universe can give us important signs regarding the necessary processes of transformations, changes, adjustments heralded by the recent solar eclipse. (These were not instantly obvious, as we had five retrograde planets – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – by the time of the eclipse.) Now, as Saturn turned direct on the 25th and Mercury also starts moving forward, the message will be clearer. Likeliest it will come through „meanigful coincidences”, dreams, deja vu, meetings with certain people, news. I can assist you to understand them better and to make the changes necessary for a happier future.

full moon report

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