Close approach of the Moon and Neptune – 13th, July 2017

Moon conjunction with Neptune

On the 13th of July Moon transiting in Pisces will conjunct Neptune. Among other things Moon represents in Astrology the unconscious, the emotions (and the way you deal with them), the imagination, intuition, moods, sensitivity, instinct. Neptune is an outer planet, connected to the collective subconscious. It rules dreams, spirituality, higher states of consciousness but also illusion, addictions, self-destructive habits. Thus Moon conjunction with Neptune, the meeting of the two planets increases your sensitivity and intuition. You are finely tuned to the most subtle vibrations of your environment and it makes you susceptible to the impulses coming from your subconscious).

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Mixed blessing…

From one hand it can make you read the thoughts of those around you. By channeling the collective subconscious you can have even prophetic visions. It is likelier that you will listen to your inner voice and this will help you to make better decisions. From the other hand you may become hyper sensitive, too emotional and moody, which makes you vulnerable. As in case of all Moon – Neptune aspects, strong reality- check is essential to distinguish the authentic psychic experiences from the sheer products of fantasy. Meanwhile the former will help you handle people and situations in your environment, the latter will lead only to illusions and self delusion. I would strongly suggest to avoid drugs and alcohol and to achive altered states of consciousness with healthier methods, like meditation, yoga, creative activity, etc. Well, this applies not only for this particular day – it is a general and basic requirement of any authentic spiritual path.

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However the current Moon conjunction with Neptune is rather positive. After the stressful aspects of the previous weeks, we can finally use this day for relaxation. Painting, playing or listening to music, watching a good movie, swimming, meditating are the best ways to charge up your batteries.  It also offers great opportunities to get in touch with your inner wisdom and get guidance how to continue your journey. The message can arrive trough your dreams (they can be very vivid and colourful, but sometimes hard to decipher), visions, or through an outer source – for instance a psychic reading. The day is ideal to consult with a Tarot reader who is also comfortable with dream interpretation – so make sure that you visit my chatroom.

Moon conjunction

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