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Secrets of the Pink Full Moon in Libra: 11th of April 2017

The Pink Full Moon of the 11th of April 2017 (21°32′ Libra) got its name from the moss pink herb, a flower commonly seen on April.

Full moons represent culmination points in Astrology. The result of the processes started on the previous new moon (respectively that of the 27th of March) is emerging, so that we can make the necessary conclusions, adjustments, finetunings.

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The current pink full moon shows the way of a successful renewal through breaking up with the old and unfruitful relationship patterns and finding healthier associations and partnerships. This potential is represented by a Moon – Jupiter conjunction (optimism, generosity, good fortune, contentment, material, emotional and spiritual welfare through relationships and intercultural experience). Both planets conjunct the beneficial fixed star Spica (on Libra 23°50′), the star of the grain harvest, associated with honor, fame, protection, preferment, wealth.

pink full moon

However since the Jupiter is retrograde, the beneficial results of our projects and interactions will manifest some months later, after Jupiter turns direct (from 8th of June). Persistence, hard work, sense of reality, awareness (Saturn sextile Jupiter/Moon, Saturn trine Sun/Uranus) are essential for success. It is also important to mention that we harvest (Spica) what grows from the seeds we sowed before. The quantity, quality of our harvest depends on how we cared for our fields.

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Simultaneously, since the pink full moon is a part of the challenging cardinal T-square between Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus – there is a significant risk that the combination of inner tensions and external pressures generate explosive conflicts and crises. Sun conjuncts Uranus, and simultaneously both oppose the Moon. Reactions tend to be blown out of proportion, emotional outbursts, restlessness, actions on impulse can cause disruptions in relationships. The Moon and Sun squaring Pluto can indicate power struggles, jealousy, manipulation, guilt tripping.

pink full moon

Astrological advice combined with Tarot readings will help you raise your awareness. Thus instead of falling in the traps of compulsive and destructive behavior, you will be able to make the most of this promising full moon.

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