The secret that leads you to achieve your goals

The real secret

Let go of mortal constraints and you will be free, it is the real secret. All you need is air, water, food and shelter. Do not let desire squeeze your life into a shriveled husk of self-gratification, which revolves around luxury and reward. People who I see achieving what their hearts desire work hard for others, not just for their employers, but for their family and friends as well. But I do not see this type of person ever stop with their busy routine of labor, they wish for romance maybe, but they ask for nothing.

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There is a type of a person that permanently worries about other people, so they constantly send light and positive thoughts back into the world. Those that send anger, jealousy or hatred into the world will be shrunk by the collective positive response, which flows more readily into the less demanding person, who seeks only to help others. Those full of unrequited emotion are left with their dreams unfulfilled. You feel lonely, but do you deserve a partner? Take a look at yourself from inside out. How have you been treating others in the past and present, can you improve this in the future? Have you argued, caused pain, made others suffer? Why do you feel you deserve a partner by your side? Are you failing to answer these questions on the spot?

real secret

You are born alone, as a child you grow and develop, but you are very content with just having friends, when you are a small child because that is all you know about the world and maybe that is the only thing you need at that time.

The real secret – what do you need for real?

Forbidden fruit it may be because it makes you think life owes you once tasted it and this can be a constant pressure on you and your emotions. The real secret is what you think you need and what you actually need are far apart. Being alive is something dreamed of in another place and time, something coveted by millions. There is a constant need to be this precious thing called a living human being. But many of us fall from the wayside into pits of remorse and create our own pools of self-pity and dwell constantly about things that can never happen. But there is always something right in front of you, your next step, and it can head to whatever direction you choose to go.

Your body and your life should be your first concern, so when you wake concentrate only on a proper breakfast, cleansing, and exercising your body, and if you are lucky enough to have work, attend to it and remember millions do not have the chance to work at all! If you find time on your hands, think about what you like to do, and do it. Try to leave thoughts of procrastination and self-gratification behind, don’t lose track of the actual function each organ or limb was designed for. When one of the organs are remembered and used for other than its initial purpose, a person can quickly lose sight of what life is supposed to actually be. Great things are here for you to share and enjoy.

real secret

The brain is so easily tricked into thinking life is all about rewarding yourself in various ways, but the real secret is it’s not. It is about hard work, kindness, hope, good manners and sharing optimistic views on all topics with other individuals. Many critics never find fault in their own actions, but are quick to analyze and find faults in others. Never demand too much from life, or others, always put yourself in another’s position before you condemn them. Admittedly, there can be a time, when stepping aside, or taking a new direction is necessary if you find yourself getting hurt. But maybe you are too close, too demanding and should reevaluate your own circle of self-worth. If you think yourself King or Queen, then all others are merely subjects below you, except for a chosen few. If the chosen few decide to leave, your world will crumble!

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Less pressure

Don’t put too much pressure on others, what comes free and natural is always best, when it comes to emotions. A forced or victimized heart will return only to abandonment and rejection in the end, it will not bend to your will. Remember that people are individuals, and so are you. Your friends are treated with great respect, but lovers are sometimes placed under too much pressure and scrutiny. Commitment and change may be your only request, but their feelings or needs might be invisible to you. If you seek to obtain your own goals, through bending of another’s emotions it could be a long and laborious process full of emotional pain for you and others. It is better to float of the surface of wild water, than to try to swim upstream, you will just get tired, but water will always happily rush away. Water, in some sense, is essentially love.

real secret

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