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Put the Romantic Power of Color to Work for You

Color therapy

Color therapy – profound effect

In day-to-day life, color is everywhere.  It can affect your mood, attitude, and even how others perceive you.  Color can even have a profound effect on your romantic life.  Color therapy has a well-recognized therapy base.  Designers use knowledge of color to create the right mood in a living or work space.

You can put this powerful energy to work for you and your desires for romance easily.  By wearing the color(s) representing the emotions you want to evoke, you can help build your energy levels in those areas.  Wearing bright vibrant colors will help up your own personal energy levels and can help you attract the energy you are looking for.

Color therapy

Color therapy – colors:

Red – Red is the color of attention and attraction.  Want to get noticed?  Wear red! It is the color of power and energy.  This is the red heat of passion and vibrancy. It has long been associated with life, love, anger and sexual passion.  Wearing red can help you gain more self-confidence, courage and overall vitality.

Orange – Are you working on trying to mend a broken heart and move forward? Wear bright and lively orange to help lift your spirits.  The forward momentum energy orange grants can help crank up the enthusiasm to move forward and look ahead so that you are not mired in the past. Get an orange throw pillow for your favorite couch or chair to help you “think ahead.”

Pink – The color of romance and innocent emotion, this is the color to wear when you are feeling romantic. Recognized as the universal color of love, pink is associated with the heart chakra governing kindness, warmth, and especially love.  Love attracts and creates love, so if it is love you are looking for in your life – wear pink.

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Yellow – The color of the sun, yellow imbues a positive energy that is difficult to ignore. The color of confidence, yellow helps you shine brightly. Linked with communication, charm and attraction, yellow is the perfect color to wear for an afternoon date.  Especially favored for a first date, wearing yellow can also help draw your intended sweetie closer to you.  Let your beacon shine through!

Green – Associated with the concept of unconditional love, it is also the color of commitment.  If you are trying to get him to “seal the deal” and raise the relationship to the next level, wearing green can help get the job done.  Also, known for conveying compassion and generosity, green is a healing color.

Color therapy

Purple – Purple is for sensual passion — pure, unadulterated passion.  Use purple to enhance pleasures of the flesh.  Burn a purple candle, use purple sheets, or get a bouquet of purple flowers to enhance sensual passion.  Unlike the emotional passion imbued in red which can represent anger, purple’s passion is always warm and romantic.

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