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Harmonious relationships

Harmonious relationships – personal experience

Being who I am, there won’t be any intro to what I am about to write and share with you all…… I’ll be direct and jump straight into the topic.  Let’s begin……..

The inspiration to share this with the rest of the world comes from a true incident that happened to me just a few days ago, involving a close friend of mine.  Now this friend and I met outside for some coffee…. and during our conversation, we began to have a difference of opinion.  Such things happen, right?  More often than we’d like?  With our partners, parents, best friends, etc.?  No matter how much we dislike getting into such frustrating stonewalling situations, we do manage somehow to get into them! So much more and so often with the people we love, value, and truly care about.  And that is how most harmonious relationships break down or lose the joy and warmth over time, isn’t it?

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And you all can well imagine the frustration when you are conversing with your loved one — especially saying something unselfish and in their own best interests…(such as, “Why not go for counseling?  Why don’t you give it a break?”)  And yet, you find that with every attempt you make to get your point across to your loved one, you start to hit the wall more and more….

Something like that happened with this friend of mine…and finally, from a space of peace within me, I let her know that she and I can liberate ourselves from this friendship…since there was so much distrust and dissonance.  I was ready to release her and asked her to do the same….since our friendship was no longer one of my harmonious relationships, no joy, no longer fun, no longer friendly, my core belief being that every human being deserves to be happy no matter what, and that there is no need to stay tied down to hurtful situations or people that do nothing for your happiness.

Harmonious relationships

Harmonious relationships – what if…

So saying, having spent hours trying to get each other’s points across, I respected her freedom to hold on to her views — views that were really not helping her one bit!  I gave up, and we both left the coffee shop….after what felt like a day totally wasted!  Tell me about the energy drain!!

Blessed as I am, I knew how to switch my brain off and quickly go into a relaxed state…so I slept well that night — not sure about my friend though!

Something strange happened early next morning.  Around dawn, I heard my guides nudging me with a question and giving me a BIGGGGG fat clue on what really happened the previous day.

They whispered this question into my ears: ” What if…….. the person you were speaking to all day yesterday was actually not your friend? WHAT Riffraff…… were talking to someone else?”

There was an emphasis on the WHAT IF.  The guides were basically telling me to consider that there could have been another possibility….beyond me and her having our disagreement.

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Now……..that might confuse a lay person, but I was fortunately quick to understand what happened the previous day, thanks to my work as a spiritual advisor, tarot reader, and energy worker/healer.  Truly, I wasn’t speaking to the person that I knew!  So who was I speaking to?  Any guesses?

I was speaking to disembodied entities around her….entities that were hell-bent on preventing my friend from breaking out of her issues….dark forces that kept her tied to her situation, so she can’t find harmonious relationships and the joy of life!  There were spirits that kept her deaf to any beneficial suggestion or advice….and kept her blind to her joyful possibilities!

YESSS!!!  As there is light, there is darkness…. As there are beings of light such as archangels and angels and other spiritual helpers, there are forces of darkness that hinder us, hinder our relationships, our successes, and just about everything…….. so that we remain in a rut.  What my guides whispered in my ears gave me a vital clue on what to do next.  I had to save my friend from such a grip, regardless of whether she remains my friend or not… I had a moral duty towards her or anyone that I love and care about.

So while still sitting in my bed that dawn, I began to channel healing and clearing away the ‘influences’….just, so I can give HER control back to her….just so whatever she says/does/decide will come directly out of HER OWN free will and NOT from any influence she is under!  It took me about 10 minutes to clear her aura…and then…bingo, in the next half hour, I got a call from her! As we both chatted, I found her sounding more peaceful and receptive to my suggestions!  Towards the end of our call, I told my friend how my spirit guides directed me…….and I informed her about the spirit influences she was under and how they were preventing her from being free and enjoying her life.

I also guided her on how to check whether she was having TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER HERSELF and how to remove anything suspicious from her energy field.

Harmonious relationships

Harmonious relationships – tips

I am sure most of my readers can relate to this incident…but how many of you know that there could be an alien energy involved in most of your difficult situations?  While a session with an energy healer/worker will help much to clear up any unhelpful energies/entities, there are a few things you can do by yourself to stay clear too!  The good news is — you can stay clear even if you are not a Reiki channel…or a shaman…or someone skilled in esoterics.  Just try the following tips:

  • Firstly, pray.  Now that does not have to be to God alone, if you happen to be an atheist or agnostic…. Just connect to the higher power that is available so abundantly in the Universe…the power that makes the sun rise every morning without fail…the power that makes the flowers bloom…the power that is the life force energy found in every animate and inanimate object.  Simply walk in the knowledge that you are not alone…and that this power has your back at all times.  Connect to that life-giving power around you…in case you are confused about your relationship with God.
  • Always, always ask the guardian angels to be up and active in difficult situations.  The thing with angels is — you need to ask…the angels help only when asked or called upon….unless of course you are in some emergency and it didn’t occur to ask or call them!  Now if you are in a difficult situation with your partner or friend — ask both your and his/her guardian angels to be active in BOTH your energy fields because every time your guardian angels are active….you will find it so very hard to be negative or downcast…and your situation will soon feel better and uplifted! With their help harmonious relationships are almost guaranteed!

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  • Declare loud and strong that you are in ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL CONTROL of your life!  Say that again and again.  Ask the other person to say that too…if he/she is open to your suggestion….if not, you can say that for them!  Negative emotions and reactions such as anger, rage, fury, or fear stem out of lack of control…never from total and absolute control.  Therefore, when we operate from awareness and choose absolute control over ourselves — our reactions will not suck us further into our problems.
  • Always CHOOSE peace…YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE…. So exercise that power to choose the higher emotions of love, joy, peace, and freedom from fear!

From personal experience, this approach to difficult situations has been the easiest route for me to take… always helped me to stay on top and overcome any situation.

Harmonious relationships

Harmonious relationships – Is this just you?

The next time you find yourself struggling with a situation or a relationship….ask this most vital question….” Is this just me? Is this just “XYZ”?  Or is there someone else to it?” Your guides or your inner voice will tell you what is going on… and if you decide or CHOOSE to spiritually clear away the unwanted influences or psychic baggage from your surroundings and relationships, you will have a better grip on your life and the lives of those you love!

Simply put, you will have lesser struggle and so much more peace and control — be it your relationships or other life situations!  Who doesn’t desire that?

Remember dear friends, JOY is our divine birthright….. so here’s wishing you all ridiculous amounts of joy and freedom from your life struggles! Stay liberated — stay joyful.

Love and Light,


harmonious relationships

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