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Love appears

Love appears – troubling trends

As a Natural born Psychic the number one thing I get asked about is Love and when it’s coming. This is a very interesting question to answer because it is very different for every person, but there are troubling trends that I see with almost every person I help. Most have a very hard time finding comfort in the moments before love appears. It is easy to spend time wondering, wishing or dreaming about love situations from the past or pondering the notion that Love may never come at all. What we all sometimes forget is that every thought we put forth has a reaction.

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Yes, It is true. Our thoughts have power. The easiest way to recognize this is to observe what happens when we remember or think of an uncomfortable situation. We may wince, squirm or tighten our body in some way. Once we have reacted to that uncomfortable thought our mood is set. If we don’t choose to change or state of feeling, we then begin to move about tainted by the remainder of this uncomfortable thought or notion.

Love appears

Love appears – power to choose

Our power lies in choosing what to think. Very simple, but sometimes hard to put into practice. When we have a thought or memory that is one of discontent, while in it, we have the power to choose what to do next. This very simply is our point of power. With regard to relationships and Love, choosing what to think can and often does make difference in how attractive we are to others.

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When we choose to dwell on what we are interested in or important issues that we care about we no longer have time to pine for that which we do not have. We no longer appear weak and needy. Confidence begins with inner passion. It is cultivated with directed thoughts. Mystery and allure are apparent when we are living our confidence. How easy patience and waiting for love can be when we choose what to think and to nurture ourselves.

Blessings to you on your journey to love and be loved.

Sincerely Sarafina Psychic

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