Tolerance and respect in relationships

Respect in relationships

Respect in relationships – 100% you are right?

Humans are very good at making the most out of difficult situations, it is why we do so well. Even when it comes to love and respect in relationships, we can strive and push forward to improve. Sometimes, two what would seem perfect people grow distant and disagree over something trivial, which can then lead to argument.

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Proving a point, when you have the bit between your teeth and you think 100% you are in the right, can be so damaging. The person, who eventually submits under your pressure may not recover and decide to leave. It does not matter, if you are male, or female, as giving a little slack can help your relationship survive longer.

When there is a lot of good between two people, meaning physically and mentally, disagreements can cause mountains to grow. Over time, it will seems like too much effort, to find energy & emotional exhaustion can follow. Emotional exhaustion can build distance. Most couples can hold back arguing, but some fall into it’s trap. Proving a point or just needing to feel triumphant is immature and best left to children. As emotional defeat can follow for the loser, which is actual emotional pain.

Respect in relationships

Respect in relationships – restore the balance

These battles over energy are okay for boxers, but for lovers, there should be a line you don’t cross. Watching someone you love, suddenly walk out of the door and away from you can be horrible, but even worse, if you are not expecting it at all.

We are joined to those we love from birth, so we develop skills, where we grade from platonic through to friendship and on to love. Love itself has many stages of development, but sometimes, love at first sight, or physical attraction can jump over stages one two and three. This can land you in love without the knowledge and understanding of how your new partner works as a human being.

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Their tolerances, likes and dislikes, that many people grow to understand through months of friendship are just not there. This does not mean you can not go on to marry, have children and live happily ever after, as this can happen. Knowing a person takes time, but it should be enjoyable, as new depths of understanding arrive. Respect is so important and many relationships survive the test of time through common respect. If you treat your best friend or close family members with more respect, than you do your partner, look very closely. It is time to re-balance, how you treat your partner, it is never to late.

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