Why are we searching for our soulmate?


Soulmate – to love and to be loved

We all want to be happy. And for many of us happiness is to love and to be loved. We desire to find your soulmate and be happy together. But why are we so dependent on this? Why do we need a love partner? Why do we suffer when we are alone?

The reason is in energy exchange between people.

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Everyone has an invisible energy capsule around him/her. In the process of life our body, thoughts, lifestyle and mood fill this capsule with energy. Throughout our lives there is an accumulation of both positive and negative energies around us. This energy capsule affects our life and emotional condition. To improve our health, mood and overall background we need to exchange our energy with others. It is necessary for human to give away the energy that has been accumulated and to receive in return the energy that is missing in his capsule. When two people match in the energy exchange then attraction, love and relationship break out between them.  This makes people feel the joy of life and happiness, heals the body, improves the quality of life, helps to be successful in life.

To create the harmonious mutual energy exchange, we are looking for our soulmate and hope to build strong happy relationship. To find the person who will share  his/her energy with you and will accept your energy is the greatest achievement in life.


Soulmate – inner power and balance

However once you have found your perfect romantic partner it is even more difficult to keep this energy exchange at such a level that keeps both partners happy and satisfied. Relationship develops in harmony when the energy of both partners is balanced, but this is rare to happen.  Often when we fall in love, we begin to behave ourselves selfishly. We want our soulmate to be near us giving us his/her attention, love and energy constantly. We want the partner to fill emptiness inside of our energy capsule. In this way we are breaking the balance in the couple. Our love partner starts to feel this, even being at a distance from us. He/she feels this tension and begins to weaken the invisible energy threads that connect you. To avoid or to ease the stress your romantic partner starts to behave strange, be distant, ignores your calls or messages, keeps silence when you need him most. And you suffer.

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So what can you do to build happy long lasting relationship? Work with your inner energy flow, inner power. Do some spiritual practice, yoga, meditations, improve the condition of your energy capsule. You need to learn how to keep your emotions and energy under control. Let your partner be a free person, don’t focus on him very much. Occupy yourself with work, hobbies, sports, homework. And when your energy capsule will be balanced your partner will feel it in the deep subconscious level. So your soulmate will be attracted deeper and deeper in you every day.

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