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Self-esteem – a game-changing recognition…

Many people have already told you that you must have more “amour-propre”, in fact, the lack of self-esteem so many times is the cause of failures (just like the opposite: excess). It can be the cause of many renounces and mistakes, and you can’t imagine how many times it has happened to me in the past as well. It all changed after I started to understand what it exactly means to increase self-worth, self-trust and self-confidence. If you trust God you trust yourself and vice-versa. This was a game-changing recognition for me.

What does it really mean to you to respect someone? Do you love that person or rather appreciate what they do?

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Note that it is quite hard to truly respect someone without the feeling of love. This also means that in the process of building up your self-confidence and self-esteem it’s essential to start loving yourself.

You esteem someone when you think that person is competent in something. You esteem someone who is convincing and there are results and proof behind their words. Competence is very important too.

Therefore the next fundamental ingredient of self-esteem is to focus on your results, your successes and on what you have already achieved. In case you hardly find something to appreciate in your life, this means that you need to act! And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Once again; the ingredients of self-esteem are:

  1.  Love
  2.  Competence
  3.  Results

Do you remember how many times you fell as a child before you have finally learnt to walk perfectly?


Self-esteem – take your time to learn it

Every time you fell, you did not protest, not even if the blow was strong, you got up again and again all excited with strong determination and courage and those little steps made you more and more competent. These were small steps toward your freedom, the mastery, of to be like your mom and dad who seemed to be able to do amazing things like to WALK! You loved them for that and you wanted to walk too, maybe wrongly initially and very uncertain. Perhaps people around you were laughing at you sometimes, but the results come by force from what we often call mistakes – but are actually our teachers – encouraged you to keep trying.

Remember that behind every step of any learning process there are our guardian angels to take care of us. Embrace their loving energy along your way.

When you love yourself you pass each step and every challenge in your life with passion. That is the real happiness, the passion that you put into loving yourself actively which leads to achieve big results.Don’t be afraid of big mountains to move. The higher the better, the higher the stronger you will get! With this attitude you can more easily digest and benefit from your “mistakes”, to achieve the final result that you have promised yourself.

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Now you have three precise tracks for what you need to grow self-esteem, you can choose to continue not to have it and then maybe regret missed opportunities, or start working on it and if at this moment you give a smile you will do that little step forward. Just like when you were a child, thinking at the next immediate step to do when you finish to read this article and show love to yourself, becoming more competent on the road to results!

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Self-esteem – a bit more about me

To help you get to know me better I will talk to you about my Guardian Angel now a little bit.

My Guardian Angel is called Hariel, belongs to the CHERUBINI choir. Through the invocation it is possible to achieve good results while conducting an exemplary life!


Hariel acts from the interiority of its protected; orientates their intellect towards Science and towards Spirituality. Who has Hariel as their Guardian Angel, they must avoid criticizing, or being ironic to make his words and his writings flow: Love, this uranian candor that makes everything beautiful. And when Love will flow, Hariel will lead the person to the great path of science, art or spirituality (or towards the three paths at the same time), according to the wishes of the latter.

All that the person will write will be full of warmth, a testimony of purity and truth. Hariel will make his intelligence bright and lively, giving him the clarity that will allow him to discover the logical path to success, towards moral and material success.

To channel Hariel is possible every day, but there are some days that He is the regent of Heaven and the connection is stronger and those days are April 4, June 18, September 1, November 12, January 23. Time: 4.40 / 5.00

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To pray your Guardian Angel you must retire in seclusion in a calm and quiet place by lighting a candle in front of you to call light and give peace and after a few minutes of meditation and reflection, sit comfortably and read a special invocation.

After the initial invocation, you will get a sign from your Guardian Angel and at that point will need to say the WORDS of UNION with your Guardian Angel and as soon as you will do it, you will be one with Him.

Come to me to know more about yourself, about the love of yourself, about your future, about your  Guardian Angel name, what means to you to be protected by Him, how to pray, when, which are the Words of Union.

I’m here to gently guide you to your discovery of Love, Competence and Results!!!

Love light and abundance,



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