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Different candle colors? Candle Ritual Series,III

The candle palette – Colors for Candle Ritual.

Before we can begin any sort of Candle Ritual – although you are already familiar with the different possible shapes of candles – first there must be a basic understanding of colors represent.

Listed below you will find the most common candle colors used for a candle ritual.

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GOLD – This color stands for masculine energy. Quite obviously it represents great fortune and abundance! Gold is a color that I burn most often to help my multiple works of divinations to give me a deeper and quicker understanding of messages coming to me. It brings fast luck and helps negate or turn negative vibes around. During the Candle Ritual, you can use this candle to honor the solar deities or bring financial benefits to yourself.

WHITE – The white candle is a symbol of the Goddess. This candle is quite universal, it can be used as a substitute for any other color candle as it is a balance of all colors. It promotes purity and peace, and is often used for cleansing, meditations and consecrations. It represents truth and focus, you can also use it to summon your spiritual guides and to help enhance your psychic abilities. When it comes to physical healing, I think of this candle as a sort of “spiritual milk”. It is believed that it also helps the healing of the bones from your toes to your teeth! The white candle is one of my favorites, and is also most often used.

Candle ritual

SILVER – Silver is often burned when you need a bit of luck and to help raise psychic awareness. You might use this one if you want to achieve a better communication with a certain person. I usually use this candle when I have to interpret dreams and it is often used with moon magic. This candle is useful in attracting the feminine influence.

YELLOW – Another one of my personal favorites, this is the perfect color to stimulate concentration and often burned while studying. Yellow is a color you might use to enhance clairvoyance and divination. It is a very creative and happy color, and is extremely helpful to the empath as it helps with energy and development. And for the ladies, the yellow candle can be used in rituals to help to promote healing of menstrual cramps. Yes…it works!

ORANGE – When asked to help someone fighting addiction, I would probably turn to the orange candle, as it is often used to raise ambition, encouragement, empowerment and vitality. Orange also bring us joy and celebration. It helps cope with abrupt changes and enhance personal strength. In other rituals, Orange is used with black during the feast of Samhain. (Halloween)

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RED – Red refers to the Element of fire. This is a God symbol. This bold color connects you to fierce love, sexual potency, passion and fertility. This color can help one become more outgoing and/or assertive. Red can also be used to represent notions like danger, war and conflicts, both to cause and to heal them, so always be careful of your intentions when using red. It is a very fiery color, and therefore it is very powerful.

PINK – Of course pink would represent romance and love! A ritual with this candle can help heal a broken heart! It is also used often in friendships and emotional self-improvements. This color is used to bring harmony and balance into a romantic relationship. Pink promotes femininity and protection for children. It brings peace to the family. In rituals, you might use pink to bring a bit of extra romance in your relationship, or even to help heal negative emotions like depression and anxiety.

BLACK – A lot of people misunderstand the black candle. This one is actually burned for positive purposes such as banishing or reversing evil or negative energy. It is often used for protection, astral projection, withdraw hexes, and even pride. You can gain a lot of spiritual wisdom using this color for a candle ritual and I am ready to explain how! I use this one all the time to help reground myself after a day of work. You might burn this one during Samhain rituals. (Halloween)

PURPLE – A very recognized color here on Oranum. There is a reason for that! Did you know purple is the color of spirituality and helps to bring insight and clarity, and helps ease tension? Amazing, I know! I love the purple candle and usually it is the one I constantly have on stock. Purple helps us connect to our higher selves and spirit, and brings wisdom, peace and power to us. Purple also helps us in meditation and connects us to our higher psychic talents and gifts. If someone were to ask me how to open the third eye, I often tell them the first thing they need is a purple candle! In addition to all that, it brings protection and peace to your home.

Candle ritual

BLUE – The element of water is represented with this candle. Blue brings us wisdom and truth. We would often use this color for a candle ritual to help us become more patient and remain in good health. It brings understanding and tranquility to our everyday lives. It has the power to decrease bad vibrations. Blue brings inner light and satisfaction to us and can help organize our thoughts feelings, and even physical space! It connects to our subconscious and our intellect. A very soothing and relaxing color indeed.

GREEN – A very potent representation of the earth element. It connects straight to nature. The green candle can be used for fertility rituals. Yes, you’ve read that right, it can help you become pregnant. Every time targeting to work with nature, green is usually my first choice. Green is also a go-to for many who want to do Candle Magic in connection with money, abundance and prosperity. Green can soothe emotions and help balance feelings. (remember in the 1950’s “soothing green” – sometimes it can be an overkill too, so be careful!) It can also help counteract things like greed, envy and jealousy, however, as with any candle, again, be careful with your intentions as it can help and also interfere with the very same things.

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BROWN – A very earthy, neutral and balanced color! This color is often used for a candle ritual when working with animals and pets! I often use brown for blessings for our furbabies. Brown can also help locate objects that have been lost, and because of these reasons, brown is the closest thing to purple of all the colors. It represents stability and can help when there is an impending finacial crisis. It can help balance your decision making processes, and improve your concentration.

Colors you can use for each of the Sabbats!

Samhain – Orange & Black
Yule – White, Red & Green
Imbolc – Pink, Brown & Red
Ostara – Yellow, Green & Gold
Beltane – Green/Dark Green
Litha – Blue & Green
Lammas – Orange & Yellow
Mabon – Brown, Yellow & Orange

Candles for the Zodiac Signs

Aries – Red
Taurus – Green
Gemini – Yellow
Cancer – Silver
Leo – Orange
Virgo – Yellow
Libra – Pink
Scorpio – Red
Sagittarius – Purple
Capricorn – Black
Aquarius – White/Any color
Pisces – Purple/Pink

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