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Featured Top Psychics – ChloeSHR

ChloeSHR is a gifted Spiritual Medium, among featured top psychics specializing in Twin Flame aka Twin Souls. It is her spiritual mission to help as many people as she can to achieve final reunion. However this is not her only area of gifts. Chloe is an Energy Reader, Healer and a natural born Spiritual Advisor. She has the gifts of Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairscent (smelling) and sometimes Clairgustance (tasting).

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It has taken her years to realize this is what she should have been doing her whole life. As a child, around the age of 8, she would have spirits visit her and not only see visions, but would even hear them communicating with her. Her visions consisted of people getting hurt, seeing how it happened and what the end result was going to be. They frightened her very much, to the point that she thought she was experiencing hallucinations and nightmares.  So one night she screamed at them to go away, as she did not want to see them anymore, and her gifts were closed.

Featured top psychics

One vision that she never forgot was a man just in his 50’s. When she got mature enough to become interested in dating she would always have a feeling she was looking for just that one guy. She knew he would have a military background and knew he would have dark hair and green eyes. At that time she had no clue that it would end up being what we now know today as a twin flame/twin soul. The vision she saw was of this man was at the age she would meet him. If she knew back then what she has discovered now, that was only a glimpse of her spiritual journey.

Featured top psychics

ChloeSHR work with her gifts, Archangel Michael, her spirit guides and yours. She also reads angel oracle cards (she does not read tarot cards). She loves working with crystals when sending healing energy and she clears her work space, energy field and aura with sage and essential oils, as she believes they really do help.

She looks forward to tapping into your energy to help guide you on your spiritual path.

Love and Light,

Featured Top Psychics – Mataya

I have always loved helping people with their challenging issues. I did this for a while as a Therapist Intern. However, before I became licensed I found a different path. I decided to put my energy toward doing intuitive readings. I am able to apply the knowledge I learned as an intern to the people I meet to do intuitive readings. I feel this makes the readings I do more helpful. I use oracle cards, tarot cards, or Lenormand cards as a “jumping off” place. My Guides then help me to discover what my client needs to know. Sometimes, my Guides give me insights before I even lay the cards out. I find people are drawn to me when they need to deal with relationship issues, self-esteem/growth issues, and even spiritual issues. I am also a Reiki Master.

Featured top psychics

My background is a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling. These seem to help in “how” I do readings. I also have a BA and MA in Metaphysical Sciences. Presently, I am learning at another metaphysical school. My past experience as a therapist intern has taught me how to better connect with people. There was a time when I would be given messages for people I didn’t even know. I would be passing them in the street and be “told” by the spirit something for or about them. This all happened when I was extremely shy. I did as I was “led” to do but it was very difficult. Fortunately, I no longer am “asked” to give readings that way. I like it much better when people approach me in an open manner.

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When I work in my Oranum room I am not allowed to give readings until the person takes me to a private chat. I do provide general, one card pulls. When I do this I tell people the meaning of the card and then leave it to them to apply its meaning to their lives. I try to work at Oranum later in the evenings and, sometimes, in the afternoon. When I give readings I like the connections I have with my client. I feel like they picked me for some reason and I want to be totally “there” for them. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and I have Bipolar 2 Disorder. Why do I tell you this? I tell you this to show that when you get a reading from me you are speaking with someone that can understand a bit of what you are experiencing. I am not you and I can’t walk in your shoes. But I am Empathic and that helps me understand your issues and problems.

Featured top psychics

After reading this blog I hope you have a better understanding of who I am and the kind of reader I am. I hope to see you soon.

Featured Top Psychics – GoldenDragon777

Featured top psychics

Oranum for me is all about helping people. I’ve been a member for years, and have only recently started offering my gifts to the online community as a psychic. I noticed that many Oranum members needed help that wasn’t being met by the readers online. As a practicing health care professional, it’s my life passion and purpose to help those in need. I do not offer any medical diagnosis or intervention on oranum, but I am a master of reading people’s energy and helping you uncover challenges and solutions. This is more than just your chakras or your aura, which is what some readers offer. I can check in with physical, emotional, and mental blocks that are keeping you from expressing your fullest potential. Whether your problem stems from an evolutionary problem, need for more self-development, or if this is more of an involutionary challenge that requires supernatural intervention, I can help you navigate your way to more openings and expansion in your life.

Featured top psychics

The other area I really excel in (most days) is helping people with timing. Timing is a really tricky subject when helping people make decisions and see results in their lives. Some of my favorite readers on this site are 100% accurate with predictions but can sometimes miss the mark with timing. What I really enjoy is helping people realize when an expansive energy is about to happen in their lives. As we go through our daily lives our energy expands, and it’s not always the right time to initiate a relationship or ask for a raise. I can really help people find the timing when events are going to be more likely to happen in their lives because the energy and resonance will help to create these opportunities.

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Those are the two areas I really have fun with while working on Oranum. You will often see me pulling cards and reading cards. The cards help me find a little bit more direction and focus when working with people. They are not necessary, but can serve as a container for which subjects the Spirit wants us to focus more on. I pull from multiple decks, but my favorite cards are a simple deck of playing cards. You’ll see me draw profound meanings from just simply cards with no pictures. I tune into the matrix of energy encoded within the cards that has been passed down since the age of the Egyptians.

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