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Online Psychic Rituals – Sofiel

Online Psychic Rituals – dates: 22nd and the 24th of July

I will provide Money and Love spells for you, however you will be able to read the basics below!

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Wealth and Prosperity Spell

  • You’ll need two virgin candles, one green and one gold.
  • Charge the candles with your personal energy by using your fingers to rub them with money oil.
  • Etch the words “money” and “prosperity” into them.
  • Light the candles and hold them so your energy mingles with their vibrations.

Online Psychic Rituals

  • Close your eyes, concentrate and fully visualize wealth coming to you.
  • Recite this phrase three times: “These candles will bring wealth to me in a way that does no one harm.”
  • Snuff out the flames.
  • Light the candles again for a while each evening until they are completely burned down.

Online Psychic Rituals

Online Psychic Rituals – Love spell

Light a pink candle with cinnamon and honey around it, and with red petals for one hour. This helps to promote love to come into our lives without bending the free will of a person.

Online Psychic Rituals – 13fireraven

Online Psychic Rituals – dates: 23rd and the 29th of July

I offer an opportunity to receive a 7 chakra deep cleansing and balancing ritual for healing. The concept is to give an introduction of each chakra in an hour, and how it can affect the flow of a particular area of member’s life. In free chat I will give examples of what may be occurring in their life when blockages are present, so they can identify the symptoms. I will give simplistic methods they can use to assist in maintaining the chosen chakra of each hour, to keep the energy light spinning once cleansing has occurred.

Online Psychic Rituals

I would like to start with the base chakra then move my way up through each main chakra. This will give members an opportunity to get an understanding of stagnant areas in their lives and how to better understand their chakras. I can offer an introductory meditation for them to feel peace and to feel the chosen chakra in free chat.

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In private, I will explain what I offer, which will be a deep cleansing and balancing of the chosen chakra they feel drawn too. This will be done through shamanic journeying. I will be able to view the past present and future of the chakras, and then I will be able to transmute the energy into a lighter frequency that will bring peace and movement to a once stressful and stagnant life. I ask that the client allow at least 20 minutes for healing sessions, without disruptions (e.g: cell phones), and that they come with the intention to be open to releasing energy that hinders growth and a positive flow. I will lower my price per minute so that it will be affordable for this time. I have been a teacher of chakra energy and have seen results with clients over the years that leave them feeling like their authentic self with the energy to achieve their dreams and aspirations. That is where life starts to make sense and wisdom’s are unveiled.

Online Psychic Rituals

I would like to leave an option for members to bring a pen and paper, as they may wish to write down notes for each chakra.

Online Psychic Rituals – Hopecatherine

Online Psychic Rituals – dates: 20th of July and 1st of August

Online psychic rituals

Ritual for the 20th of July will be a lower world journey.

I will discuss what a shamanic lower world journey is.  It is a quest to find your power animal.  It will require that the participants have a quiet space to sit and rest for twenty minutes.  I will then drum softly and ask the participants to close their eyes. After, I will guide them in meditation to find their power animal.  This ritual will allow the participants to connect to spirit, and cause their minds to dream while they are awake. I will then take five minutes to guide the participants back home. They will then want a private to interpret the visions and gather my insight.  I can then help them with relaxation techniques and greater connection to shamanism.

Ritual for the 1st of August will be the Lammas ritual.

Online Psychic Rituals

I will discuss the Lammas Celebration and the meaning it has to all humanity.  It is a celebration of abundance and the harvest. It will require that the participants have a quiet space to sit and rest for twenty minutes. I will then lead them into a guided meditation to connect with the Gods and Goddesses of the season.  This meditation will be led by me, and I will direct them with soft drumming, candles and a lead to see themselves in life.  I will then take five minutes to guide the participants back home.  This will be good for the participants to allow relaxation and focus.  They will then want a private to get detailed information about what they saw on the journey. This ritual will be an amazing time, as they will connect with the spirits of the seasons and get messages from the universe.

Online Psychic Rituals – Princejoshua

Online Psychic Rituals – dates: 27th and the 28th of July

Online psychic rituals

The main aim of the wind and feather ritual will enable the member to relieve the emotional pain being put upon them. The wind actually symbolizes life and feather symbolizes the earth. In the ritual, I will able to change the cause of the pain and bring relief to the member. I will also be able to perform cremating which symbolizes finality to a problem.

Online Psychic Rituals

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