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Crystals for Love and Relationships

Written By: Dr. Nikki

Are you interested in learning about crystals which can help you with your love life? These crystals are not only pretty to look at, they are known to help in all matters of emotion!

The Ruby’s connection with love goes back to ancient history. Egyptians believed it was the stone of love. This beautiful gem’s use in crowns and regalia show its association with royalty; “love rules”. Fidelity has been a part of the Ruby’s influence, and the 40th wedding anniversary is the “Ruby Anniversary.” Love’s appreciation as a higher emotion aligns with the Ruby. It is said that a ruby will darken if an unfaithful lover comes near. The stone of the Root Chakra, the Ruby is also associated with sensual pleasures and physical passion. Wearing a ruby can increase sexual attraction.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz beads have been dated back to the Mesopotamian culture, over 7,000 years ago. Considered by many to be the ultimate stone of love, the soft pink color and delicate beauty of rose quartz mirrors the delicate strength of love itself. Sometimes called the “love stone”, the color matches the aura given off by the heart Chakra. Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry can help bring healing and appropriate self-love. Meditating with Rose Quartz helps to instill calm and peacefulness. Carry a piece with you to help mend a broken heart and encourage gentle emotional healing.

This brilliant green gem has a long history with mankind. The emerald held an honored place in Egypt, aligned with both Horus and Isis. The ancient Greeks believed it was emblematic of the Goddess Artemis and was believed to help ease pain during childbirth. This stone, the color of the Heart Chakra, was once thought to lose its color or turn a mottled brown if a partner was cheating or unfaithful. Giving an emerald to the one you love is believed to ward away lustful thoughts. Emeralds symbolize psychic powers and the connection between those who share true love.

Green Jade
Jade has a long history that spans the globe and crosses many of the cultures of history. Jade is sacred to Kwan Yin the Goddess of compassion and to Buddha. The Chinese considered it the “concentrated essence of love” and lovers give carved butterflies made out of Jade to demonstrate their fidelity and love. This luminous stone van help to impart serenity, purity and endurance for love relationships. If you are expecting your lover, tap a piece of Jade with a small metal spoon. The Jade produces a sound that enhances harmony, helping to keep relationships in balance.

Ancient Egyptians would wear Peridot to keep their minds free from the negative energies of envy and jealously, helping to leave their thoughts pure. One of the few gemstones that appear in meteorites it is often associated with connection with the higher spiritual power and gifts from the gods. Considered very strong when working with the Heart Chakra, Peridot helps to bring sensitivities back in to balance. As well as purity, Peridot speaks of protection and is used in rituals that protect the home and the heart. It has a tradition of use as an amulet or talisman for protection.

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