Special event – Father’s day

Father’s day

Most of us are familiar with the term “Mother Earth” to refer to the planet upon which we stand.  The other half of the Mother Earth concept is her celestial mate, Father Sun.  As the feminine energy of Mother Earth is receptive, the masculine energy of Father Sun is positive, probing and proactive. Energy comes from Father Sun to Mother Earth so that she may nourish and clothe all of her creatures.  This interplay of Father Sun and Mother Earth is a grand parentage to all humankind.

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This connection is much like the microcosm of the traditional family where dad works to make the money while mom stays home to nurture and care for the family and home.  Children with fathers in their lives tend to be “more confident in their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections” (Fathers and Their Impact on Children’s Well-Being).  Fathers bring the masculine balance to the feminine of the mother in the household.

Father's day

Father’s day – importance of a father

The importance of a father is shown by the many ways the word is used.  In some religions God is referred to as “Father” (“Our Father who art in heaven”).  It can be used as a term of respect (as in addresses a man of great age), or as a priest.  These honoraries give nod to how important a father is.

Just as a plant that has the proper micro-nutrients and water from Mother Earth needs the energy (light) from Father Sun for photosynthesis (the “food” of trees), a child grows best under the balanced masculine and feminine energy of having both parents active in their upbringing.  Much like the Yin/Yang concept of eastern philosophy where Yang energy is positive, proactive and probing like that of the Sun, and Feminine or Yin energy is receptive, dark and passive; like that of the Earth.  It is when these energies are in balance that life is at its most productive.

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A father is someone who guides and teaches, sacrifices and, yes, sometimes preaches (lectures).  A father will encourage you to be your best and help you – even if that means letting you change the tire yourself so that you know how. Being a father is a lifelong job!

So, while you are celebrating Father’s day in whatever way your family tradition prefers, I will take a moment or two and look to the sky and give a nod to the Sun, hoping it suffices to say to my deceased dad – “Hey Father, I love you.”

Father's day

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