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Your favorite color reflects your personality – Blue

We have published an interesting article about color RED in connection of what it tells about someone’s personality in case that is his/her favorite color. Now we would like to continue our series with another color. This time we have selected BLUE as blue is almost the most common answer when the question „what is your favorite color?” put up.

How does this color affect you?

Blue color is associated with communication, so wearing blue helps to understand others and express yourself effectively. This color supports every form of communication. If you are in a situation where you need to make a speech wearing dark blue, may help you speak more easily.

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A dark blue colour gives a feeling of stability. Wearing the colour blue makes you appear confident, almost invincible and able to cope with anything. This color makes you appear interested in change and freedom.

Blue reduces stress and creating a sense of calmness. We feel relaxed and a general order. When you lie on your back and look up to the sky you will certainly feel a sense of calmness. Indulging in blue will slow you down and even it affects the same way your metabolism. Paler shades of blue are connected to the feeling of freedom.

favorite color

If your favorite color is blue, you are person who…

If this is your favorite color you are a person who respect traditions, reliable and trustworthy – You have a deep need to be trusted and after a rather short time you are able to trust others as well. You are sincere, and you take your responsibilities seriously. Most of the time you are aware of others feelings and are sensitive to their moods. You are a sensitive person therofore you have to set your boarders. You prefer long time relationships and like to be part of strong and emotionally supportive and fullfilling affairs. However you have to be careful and conscious enough to be able to avoid codependency.When it comes to marriage or friendship you are know as a loyal and faithful spouse and a honest and trustworthy friend.

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In case you could implement daily meditation . as you are highly committed to create a harmonius life – it would be more then beneficial for you.

You may consider things and actions a bit too long before it would actually be performed so make sure sometimes you let yourself to be a bit more spontaneous. You perhaps prefer to be behind the scenes and not to be in the center of attention.

With  the ability to recall names and small pieces of information about others, you endear yourself quickly. People will remember you for being warm, friendly, and engaging.

favorite color

favorite color

On the other hand you need to pay attention to avoid or being able to get over feelings of melancholy, negativity or sadness. And if there is a lack of harmony in your life you are tend to be cold, aloof, too formal or even immoral beside being old-fashioned and depressed.

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