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The Spiritual Use of Incense

The energies of scents

The use of incense and scented oils goes back to antiquity for the purposes of attraction, devotion, magic, and medical use. It creates aromatic, fragrant atmosphere both indoors and outside. Incense throughout history has been deeply intertwined with religious ceremonies and medicine. Scents create chemical reactions within the body; they stimulate the brain and the nervous system through the olfactory nerves. It can affect the mental state, invigorate us, reduce anxiety and help relaxation.

Scents have energies and properties of their own, and serve for other purposes than healing or balancing our mood. Rose, as an example, is a legendary symbol of love and is an ingredient used in love incenses. Incense can create a setting, a vibration, and a mood for magical things to happen.

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You can create your own incenses, or purchase pre-made ones, but make sure they are composed of natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones. Besides being healthier and free of chemicals, natural incense has a decidedly more pronounced effect on the mind and spirit. You can purchase natural incense at your local health food store, occult or botanical shop, or through the internet. Indian incense is a better grade than most commercial pre-made incenses, with the best quality being puja dhoop, or prayer incense.


Some of the most common scents and what they are associated with:

Amber – spiritual knowledge and history, meditation, past life regressions, divination into the past, protection against negative magic.
Benzoin – energizing, uplifting, stimulating, ending blockages, banishing negative entities and energies. It tones the heart both physically and metaphysically.
Cinnamon – enhances passion, sexual desire, serves as an aphrodisiac, boosts energy, attracts money.
Dragon’s Blood – provides spiritual protection, has aphrodisiac properties, contacts with the otherworld.
Frankincense – helps alleviate anxiety and stress, aids meditation, increases higher vibrations, purification and healing; helps end conflicts and arguments, and reestablish friendships.
Jasmine – has a calming and mood lifting effect, provides mental clarity and spiritual protection, stimulates creativity.
Lavender – calming, balancing mood swings, increasing awareness, uplifting, relaxing muscles, alleviating headaches; blesses the home, attracts material benefits, enhances the power of prayers for beauty and balance.


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Lotus – mental clarity, increasing focus, heightens intelligence, meditation.
Musk – restores balance, realigns energies, creates barriers and protection from negative effects, provides a connection with the underworld energies.
Myrrh – associated with the sun, helps heal anxiety and stress, meditation, brings peace, heavenly/divine attributes, spiritual and magical amplifier. Use in conjunction with Frankincense for spiritual balance and cleansing.
Patchouli – attracts money and love, serves as an aphrodisiac, brings happiness and joy; also serves as a mental stimulant and a rejuvenator.
Rose – helps fighting depression, has a calming effect, uplifting both mood and spirit, attracts love, increases physical strength, useful in relieving anger, grief, or jealousy. When used with Jasmine, it calms down vibrations where there is discord.
Sandalwood – has a calming effect, soothes the mind and spirit, fights depression and insomnia, brings success, aids in recalling past lifetimes.
Vanilla – boosts mental and all associated abilities.


You too can easily prepare your own loose powder incense at home by combining natural incense resins, woods and herbs. It’s simple, inexpensive, and awakens our connection with nature. This incense can be burned on charcoal tablets found at church supply stores, botanicas, and occult shops. The charcoal will need to be placed in a non-combustible container, filled with sand, ash, or small gravel to keep the heat from penetrating the container.

Love Incense

The following are two love incenses you can easily make, and are pleasant to wake up to. Try burning them in the home before your lover arrives.

Love Recipe 1 Floral
2 parts lavender buds
2 parts dried rose petals
1 part jasmine
¼ part dried orange peel
A drop of patchouli oil (optional)


Love Recipe 1 Spicy
½ part cinnamon
½ part ginger root
1 part dried rose petals
¼ part dried pomegranate skin
1 part Orris Root
1 small drop vanilla extract (let incense dry before using)


Incense is an excellent way to express our creativity. Look for books on the subject, and you can also find more recipes on the internet to try and experiment. With incense you can purify indoor spaces, lend an exotic atmosphere to any gathering, relax from the troubles of the day, and create an air of mystery and sensuality. Explore! The uses are endless.

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