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Yoga Mudras for Relaxing your Wrists and Hands


Mudras – cure imbalance

We live in a culture where we type and text a lot, thanks to smart devices. But, there’s a small problem. The proliferation of technology has forced us to use certain parts of our body more than others. This causes an imbalance of sorts and harms those very organs we depend on. There is such a thing as excessive use, and our bodies cannot handle pressure beyond a point. Mudras can help.

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In this blog, we’re here to talk about the fingers and wrists specifically. In this day and age, we are dependent on our fingers and wrists to get a lot of the work done. Whether it’s typing out a report or simply texting someone, our fingers/wrists probably get used more than any other limb/organ in the body.

So, is there a way to avoid the stress and prevent any damage? Well, yes. There are certain yoga mudras you can practice to make sure your fingers and wrists are in good shape. Let’s take a look.


Mudras – Interlaced Finger Stretch

This simple stretch helps out your hands and wrists. You aren’t even required to stretch your neck or back. The mudra is carried out by interlacing the fingers of your hands while placed in front of your heart. The palms must be flipped outwards, and the hands must be stretched forward, almost rounding your back. Then, drop your head down.
Now, inhale and lift your hands up to the sky. While doing so, lift your chest and chin. Then, exhale and release. Keep repeating this. After a while, switch the grip of your interlaced hands to bring the other hand on top. Then, repeat again.

Mudras – Hakini Mudra

This mudra balances the left and the right halves of the hemisphere, thereby, improving balance and thinking. Also, it helps dexterity and finger strength. To do this, join your hands in prayer form. Now, open the palm, but keep your fingers touching. The idea is to create a ball like structure.

After you do that, bring the fingertips together very slowly and open them up again. Keep repeating this for a while.

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