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Tarot Arcanas – history

The tarot is commonly known as a deck of cards, that had been is use since approximately the 14th century, and consists of 78 cards in total; 22 of which are called Major Arcanas. The first Major Arcana is the Fool card and the last is the World card. The additional 56 cards are the Minor Tarot Arcanas. These include the very familiar four suits: King, Queen, Knight and Page, which are like the regular pack of playing cards. The story line of the original tarot is new life’s passage from the spiritual realms unto the material one. With this in mind, it may be that the word tarot is a derivative of the Italian word “tarocchi”, used to describe the trump cards within the Italian deck of cards particularly designed for the card game of Tarok. However, once the French adopted the tarocchi name, it was given the concept what we today know as Tarot.

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A man most affiliated with tarot would be Arthur E. Waite, who was deemed an expert of sorts on this pack of cards (A. Louis, 1945). Today, however, the tarot comes in a wide variation, authored by a broad range of people from teachers and artists, as well as doctors of philosophy.

Moving on to the present, in 2017 it is a relief having the freedom of choice as in deciding how one can keep their own spiritual abilities and psychic intelligence current, maintained and sharpened. In doing so, intuitive advisers around the world are able to serve people in need as increasingly knowledgeable and gifted spiritual guides, possessing the keen abilities of sensing the frequencies of symbols.

Tarot arcanas

Tarot Arcanas – highest frequencies

Given these points, an expert of the prophetic arts knows that when a tarot reading is performed, the outcome largely relies on the subject’s current mood and state of mind. According to our experience, therefore, it is much advised that both the reader and the subject spend a brief period of time meditating, consisting of a few deep breaths and a release of fear-based emotions, and it should take place BEFORE a reading. The information gathered by this process will resonate with the highest frequencies available: love, peace, harmony, trust, as clear communication and positive intentions are of key importance for a well-received tarot reading.

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Learning to help one another is a noble cause, but gaining a better understanding of how to do so comes in many different forms. The art of intuitive readings, utilizing the tarot, has proven to be an effective tool to help people gain clarity and insight regarding anything their heart desires.

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Tarot arcanas

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